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I AM a qualified sailing master with over 40 years' experience sailing mainly traditional sailing vessels in and out of many ports around the United Kingdom, including Barry Waterfront.
Jewel of Muscat was rebuilt by 34 workers based on the design of the only wreck of an Arabian sailing vessel from the period to be ever discovered.
A sailing vessel whose main motors will be 600 sq metres of sail.
Lake Geneva now has what will probably turn out to be the fastest sailing vessel on its waters, the all-black, carbon-fibre catamaran Alinghi, owned by Ares-Serono pharmaceutical tycoon Ernesto Bertarelli.
In the lead-up to the anniversary, the committee decided the same day to hold a symposium April 19 this year in the city of Usuki in the southwestern Japan prefecture, where the first Dutch sailing vessel to reach Japan is believed to have docked, committee members said.
Like the figurehead of an old sailing vessel, Old Woman, 1991, consisted of a head and torso mounted at a gentle angle from the wall.
GREAT WAR The captain's experiences were associated with the balmy days of the sailing vessel.
A Dutch sailing vessel came across the dinghy about 15 miles off the coast at Blyth and immediately alerted Coastguard.
These voyages will take place on the brigantine sailing vessel SSV Corwith Cramer, which is based out of Woods Hole, MA.
Raising concern over the issue, Salaya sailing vessel owners association president A.
At age 21, James Bell was a passenger on the sailing vessel Planter traveling from London to Adelaide, Australia.
A living piece of America's Cup history, the sailing vessel campaigned in Freemantle, Australia, for the Cup in 1987 with sailing great John Kolius at the helm.
The Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs also signed an agreement to replace the vessel of the RNO ''Shabab Oman'' with a sailing vessel as part of ''Orchid'' Project with Damen Company of the Netherlands, one of the long experience companies in shipbuilding .
Coastguards said the alarm was raised by the crew of a passing sailing vessel after they heard the spaniel barking and saw the man lying injured.
The photograph comes from the collection of the late John Proud and shows the Tees tug Cleveland towing the sailing vessel Winterhude up the River Tees.