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The post Stunning Italian sailing ship to dock at Larnaca appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
award for sailing ships at the end of the long sailing ship festival in the
The Daily Post decided to delve into its archives and found this collection of photos from times when sailing ships were a common sight on our water - and from the not too distant past.
AN exhibition on The City of Ottawa, the hulk of a sailing ship in Rhyl harbour, opens this week.
THE remains of a Victorian sailing ship must be protected while major flood defence works are carried out around it, says an expert.
Starting from Glasgow, the volunteers set sail to the Isle of Bute aboard the charity's 92-foot tall sailing ship, the Spirit of Fairbridge.
The Jewel, an Omani ship inspired by a 9th century hand-sewn timber sailing ship, and built to traditional specifications, has taken 27 days to sail across the Indian Ocean from Muscat, Oman to Cochin.
The float is a three-masted sailing ship featuring seven of Honda's philanthropic partners.
2 : a fast sailing ship with three tall masts and large square sails
This summer, he finds buried in the sand a belt buckle with a sailing ship on it.
OXNARD -- A tall sailing ship named the Lynx is scheduled to arrive at Channel Islands Harbor on Wednesday afternoon for a 12-day visit featuring tours, adventure sales and battle re-enactments.
The sailing ship is currently on a 15-month voyage to the edge of the South Pole's ice pack to document the effect of climate change.
WARWICKSHIRE graduate Simon Hale has just got his land legs back after a three-day voyage experiencing life as an 18th century sailor on a replica of Britain's most famous sailing ship.
Contestants on the new format will not be stranded on an exotic desert island, but lumped together on a sailing ship travelling around Ireland for two months.
Despite the fact that all the teachers had volunteered to take part, at the start of training they couldn't see `where this sailing ship would lead them'.