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The Daily Post decided to delve into its archives and found this collection of photos from times when sailing ships were a common sight on our water - and from the not too distant past.
com) said it was retained by the Palm Beach Maritime Foundation to conduct a publicity and funding campaign for building the replica of the legendary sailing ship of the American Navy, which played a heroic role during the War of 1812 and in suppressing piracy in Florida waters.
Many of his extensive collection of 18th and 19th Century creamware ceramics feature sailing ships and historical scenes.
The contract is a service organization of travel and insurance students from the inland waterway in kedzierzyn-kozle, pursuing professional practice during a training cruise on a sailing ship sts fryderyk chopin, in the framework of the project entitled: "opole vocational education closer to the labor market.
A 50-feet Dutch sailing ship The Osterschelde, which towers 36 feet high, sailed into Tweedmouth this week.
It's impossible to miss - a three-masted, iron-hulled sailing ship that was launched in Great Britain as the Euterpe in 1863.
The `Halve Maen' (Dutch for Half Moon), a full scale replica of a Dutch East India Company sailing ship from the early 1600s, is sailing into New York on the final leg of ING DIRECT's official anniversary celebration.
A NAVAL museum contained a model of an old sailing ship complete with masts, rigging and intricate details.
The `Halve Maen' (Dutch for Half Moon), a full scale replica of a Dutch East India Company sailing ship from the early 1600s, is sailing into downtown Wilmington as the main attraction of ING DIRECT's official headquarters anniversary celebration.
At least I found it so on board Star Flyer, a sailing ship built in 1991 and now part of the Star Clippers fleet.
It presents a lavishly furnished dining room, salmon pink in tone, featuring spacious booths, mirrored walls and an impressive sailing ship replica crafted primarily from currency notes that sits proudly in the foyer area.
Cutty Sark moored in Greenwich, London SAIL OF THE 19th CENTURY: The 1:48 model of the sailing ship cygnet, on display in the Maritime Museum
CAN you tell me how much my doll's house and sailing ship might be worth?
Caroline Alexander has captured the drama, horror and heroism of the 1914 voyage of the British sailing ship Endurance in a book of the same title (Alfred A.
Most of today's great trading houses were started about 400 years ago and were based on the then-new technology of the transoceanic sailing ship.