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the ship's officer in charge of navigation


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Soon after reporting to Constitution, the command needed to find a replacement for their sailing master.
The 'couple of boys' on set of Crowe's latest blockbuster Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World included Pugh as the ship's older sailing master, Mr Allen, and fellow Welsh actor Mark Lewis Jones who plays Hog The Whaler, a man who comes to a sticky end at the hands of pirates.
It was a personal challenge from Don John, who had ordered the Maltese Knight serving as his sailing master to steer a course for the Sultana.
The company behind the ambitious project is led by the former sailing master of the Britannia, which is berthed at Leith, Edinburgh.
Capt Christopher Chamberlen, former Britannia sailing master who is one of the businessmen behind the plan, said: "Eventually No 10 said it was not suitable for taxpayers' money.
When in 1703 to 1707 Dampier led a privateering expedition Alexander Selkirk, the sailing master of one of his two ships, fell out with his captain.
Britain, and Portugal which was not finally settled until 1897); proposed a new design for the American flag, whereby the thirteen original stripes were retained while a new star was added for each new state (1818); was awarded a naval pension and the rank of sailing master (1843); established a lightship off Sandy Hook, New Jersey; died in New York (January 28, 1861); the General Armstrong's figurehead, set up in the American consulate garden in Faial, was decorated with flowers by local folk for many years on the anniversary of the fight.
Under a regular Captain and Sailing Master, there are five other permanent crew, including a medic, to guide and instruct the 42 mixed-ability crew on each cruise.
Sailing master Miller was by far the most experienced, as no other crew member had finished a Hobart before, but he noted:
The former Eton School pupil shares a house in Stockingford with his 20-year-old brother Joe and has recently been to Hull to visit his father Peter, who is a sailing master at Trinity House College.
And pals of the boat's owner Roger Barton - who was also the sailing master of the ship - said he was also worried about entrusting his pride and joy to 10 people who had little sailing experience.
After her coronation the Queen appointed him Royal Sailing Master.
A fine yachtsman and sailing master, a highly competent and innovative administrator, a successful marine businessman, friend and mentor to many, John 'Messo' Messenger has left a legacy at the CYCA that is truly indelible.
Jack Goluzd Sailing Master on Triton--3rd on IRC Div 0.
Wild Rose's second overall win (she won the Tattersall's Cup in 1993) and owner/ skipper Roger Hickman's third (two in Wild Rose and one as sailing master aboard SAPAusmaid in 2000) is the stuff of legends, and one for the underdogs.