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Following a rigorous evaluation of the curriculum, sailing boats, instructors and facilities in Soper's Hole, the American Sailing Association has appointed Tortola Sailing School as an affiliate school in the Caribbean.
BEIRUT: Two Frenchmen and one Lebanese on a 20-meter sailing boat were rescued Sunday by the Civil Defense Maritime Rescue Unit, the National News Agency reported.
Inspired by the legacy of my family's profession in boat and ship building and fishery, and by my own education and profession as a graduate from the Egyptian Naval Academy and a former coast guard officer, my friends and I set out to build a traditional sailing boat, a task that took 18 months of labor to complete.
The boat left the Canary Islands 30 days before and traveled as much as 107 nautical miles per day, rivaling the speed of a similar-sized sailing boat.
4 shows a map of Cyprus, a copper ingot as produced in ancient times, and a sailing boat for shipping the product.
The physics of a sailing boat are surprisingly similar to those of a winged aircraft, where it's the difference in the pressure above and below the wings as it pushes through the air that lifts the aircraft into the sky.
The keen angler said: "I always wanted a sailing boat but I didn't get one till last year.
A SEARCH was under way early today for a missing sailing boat.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-9 September 2002-Kurdish refugees found aboard sailing boat in Finland (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Environmental watchdog Greenpeace will commit one sailing boat, the 50-foot Tiama, to the flotilla.
This is the story of a historic wooden sailing boat and a majestic tree that was growing tall before the American Revolution.
Built the winner of the 1997/98 Whitbread Round the World Race "In the last Whitbread competition, Semcon had the task of developing and building the world's fastest sailing boat for Team EF.
Looking every inch the experienced sailor she is, the Duchess won two races piloting an America's Cup sailing boat, leaving William trailing in her wake.
Muscat, Nov 24 (ONA) --The sailing boat competition, Muscat, Khasab, as part of Regatta Muscat 2012 was launched.
A ROBOTIC sailing boat, built by computer scientists at Aberystwyth University, is taking on the might of the Atlantic Ocean.