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Inspired by the legacy of my family's profession in boat and ship building and fishery, and by my own education and profession as a graduate from the Egyptian Naval Academy and a former coast guard officer, my friends and I set out to build a traditional sailing boat, a task that took 18 months of labor to complete.
A concrete support for this purpose is your initiative, which uses the symbol of an elegant sailing boat to help us understand, once again, that the building of models of mutual collaboration, oriented on a long-term perspective, are the guarantee of successfully clearing out the storms as at sea, so in the field of international relations," stressed Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
With impressive sails in white and red, this sailing boat is responsive and smooth, meaning you will get a well-balanced but exciting ride
A SEARCH was under way early today for a missing sailing boat.
Environmental watchdog Greenpeace will commit one sailing boat, the 50-foot Tiama, to the flotilla.
A model of a sailing boat, in greenish buff clay, each end rounded and curving inwards, with holes for fastening the mast by strings, and a socket for the mast.
This is the story of a historic wooden sailing boat and a majestic tree that was growing tall before the American Revolution.
Built the winner of the 1997/98 Whitbread Round the World Race "In the last Whitbread competition, Semcon had the task of developing and building the world's fastest sailing boat for Team EF.
com offer: Sailing boat at the Cote d'Azur without skipper - total price for eight guests from [pounds sterling]1,110 for one week ([pounds sterling]20 per person per day).
Looking every inch the experienced sailor she is, the Duchess won two races piloting an America's Cup sailing boat, leaving William trailing in her wake.
A ROBOTIC sailing boat, built by computer scientists at Aberystwyth University, is taking on the might of the Atlantic Ocean.
The Royal Navy of Oman (RNO's) Ship "Shabab Oman" left Amsterdam, kingdom of Holland today sailing to the Federal Republic of Germany in order to participate in Bremerhaven Sailing Boat Festival (Sail Bremerhaven) to be held from August 25th-30th.
THE owner of a pounds 65,000 sailing boat called Tiger II discovered it was being used as part of an attempted fraud when he tried to sell it.
The impact ejected the woman, who was in her fifties, from the sailing boat, killing her instantly.
VIRGIN boss Richard Branson aims to complete the fastest-ever crossing of the Atlantic by sailing boat, he announced yesterday.