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extremely large treelike cactus of desert regions of southwestern United States having a thick columnar sparsely branched trunk bearing white flowers and edible red pulpy fruit

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The Saguaro hotel pool - a complete contrast to the desert heat - and Downtown Scottsdale - a taste of the old West
Having background information on the resource, whether about saguaros or owls, is only part of the preparation.
The keystone saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea, Cactaceae): a review of its ecology, associations, reproduction, limits, and demographics.
By July, crimson-fleshed saguaro fruit appears: Arizona's native Tohono O'odham Nation still harvests it to make jam, jelly, and wine.
Certified Corrections Supervisors: Curtis Burns, Saguaro Correctional Center, Eloy, Ariz.
It's illegal to move saguaro cactuses without prior approval from the State of Arizona Department of Agriculture--not to mention that removing any natural resource from a national park is illegal.
TUCSON, Arizona (AP) -- Anyone thinking of stealing a saguaro cactus from the Arizona desert could soon be hauling off more than just a giant plant.
For a single day each year, Colossal Cave Mountain Park hosts a Tohono O'odham saguaro harvest.
The amiable host of the public television series The Desert Speaks shares his lifelong fascination with saguaro, organ pipes, and other towering columnar cacti.
I swiftly began approaching the spiny saguaro I had marked as my place for the shot.
A $50 million loan to Saguaro Ranch in Tucson, Arizona for a 1,035 Acre/180-lot luxury residential and intimate resort development
In the desert, lightning strikes are tree killers, and our giant saguaro cacti are the tallest things out there.
Such a bonus, called a nurse effect, had shown up in saguaro cactus seedlings, for example, that sprout in the shade of palo verde trees.
Especially important are summer rains that saguaro seeds need to germinate and survive, and that older plants need for new growth.
Across the southwest desert, faux cactus antenna are sprouting, although, Buzz thinks a 100-foot saguaro is more likely to stand out than blend in.