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(of a leaf shape) like an arrow head without flaring base lobes

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The word sagittate comes from the Latin word sagitta, which means an arrow.
5 mm long, base sagittate, apex obtuse, fixed near the base; stigma conduplicate-spiral, globose, ca.
2, 13, 24, 32), by the antennae with the scape forked at its apex, sagittate and slightly flattened; and by the forewing which bear a fuscous median longitudinal stripe and have a light yellowish white costal area (Figs.
Basal leaves petiolate, rosulate or not, simple, entire or dentate to pinnately lobed, reticulately veined; cauline leaves petiolate or sessile, sometimes auriculate to sagittate, entire or dentate, rarely pinnately lobed to pinnatisect.
Sagittate, disqualified from fifth place on his penultimate outing, sprang a 14-1 surprise for in-form Declan McDonogh in the mile handicap,while Liam Burke's Robbie Mac and Colman Sweeney stayed on best of all to deny Tom Hogan a treble with Rosnagowloge.
Sagittate A leaf base having two lobes, one on each side of the axis, which point downward.
Flowers leathery and greenish-white; buds (7) 9-12 mm long; bracteoles 4-6 mm long, (4) 5-7 mm wide, suborbicular, appressed to the calyx; sepals (4) 5-7 mm long, (5) 6-8 mm wide, orbicular to suborbicular; petals (8) 9-14 mm long, (5) 7-8 mm wide, free, oblong; stamens 42-48, 9-12 mm long; filaments free, linear; anthers sagittate with yellow pollen; ovary 6-8 (9) mm tall, pyriform, 5-locular with 16-20 ovules per locule; style 3-4 mm long, cylindrical; stigma capitate and somewhat 5-radiate.
3 cm long, glabrescent; blade shape variable, usually ovate, sagittate, subhastate or slightly to deeply trilobed, lobes ascending to descending, (2.
2 mm long, base sagittate, apex acute and apiculate, dorsifixed at 1/3 of its length above the base; stigma conduplicate, ca.
Connections were surprised when he succumbed to the power of Russian Valour in the Norfolk Stakes at Royal Ascot, but that initial confidence looks justified and, after being anchored in rear by Frankie Dettori as Sagittate made a strong pace, Kheleyf showed the turn of foot of a quality colt as he sprinted ahead of Bachelor Of Arts (Jamie Spencer) and Sutter's Fort.
Anthers usually sagittate at base and with lignified guide rails; fruit fleshy, either a pair of dehiscent follicles with arillate seeds or an indehiscent beery Tabernaemontaneae 1.
5 mm long, base sagittate and apex obtuse, fixed near the base; pollen oblong-elliptic, sulcate, exine reticulate, lumina polygonal, muri narrowed; style exceeding the petals for ca.
Flowers light pale green to dull yellow; buds robust, 9-15 mm long; bracteoles sepaloid, 6-7 mm long, 7-8 mm wide, appressed to the calyx; sepals suborbicular to orbicular, 7-9 mm long, 12-14 mm wide; petals 1/2 or more connate, strongly reflexed at anthesis, oblanceolate, (11) 13-15 (18) mm long, 46 mm wide, leathery; stamens 45, 6-7 mm long; filaments free, 1-2 mm long, angular in cross section; anthers sagittate, 4-6 mm long, with yellow pollen; ovary turbinate, 5-8 mm tall, 5-loculed or, occasionally, less through abortion, with 24-30 ovules per locule; style robust, 2-3 mm long; stigma capitate and slightly 5-lobed.
Depending on environmental conditions, these cylindrical leaves are replaced by elongated ribbon-shaped submerged leaves (pseudo-lamina) or broadened sagittate semi-floating leaves (Sculthorpe, 1967).
5 mm long, fixed near the base, base sagittate, apex acute; pollen oblong-ellipsoid, sulcate, exine reticulate, lumina subrounded, muri narrowed; stigma subcapitate, conduplicate-spiral, slightly exceeding the anthers and completely exposed at anthesis, yellow, margins papilose; ovary subpyramidate, ca.