sagittal suture

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the suture uniting the two parietal bones

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But when the sagittal suture is closed, you don't see it because you come from the side; "you obtain axial planes and you never reach the sagittal suture.
The infant with the 100-cc blood loss had a strip of bone removed containing the sagittal suture, as well as strips of bone with partially stenosed bilateral lambdoid sutures.
In the ROP position, the sagittal suture line will be felt obliquely (from 1 o'clock to 7 c'clock), and it will be possible to feel the bregma (larger front fontanel) at the top and to the side of the pubic bone (by 1 o'clock).
Based on 1988 ACOG classifications of forceps deliveries, an outlet delivery occurs when the scalp is visible at the introitus without separating the labia, when the fetal skull has reached the pelvic floor, when sagittal suture is in the anteroposterior diameter or the right or left occiput anterior or posterior position, when the fetal head is at or on the perineum, and when rotations do not exceed 45 degrees.
His sagittal suture was palpable, but the coronal suture was not.