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Synonyms for sag

Synonyms for sag

to hang limply, loosely, and carelessly

to become limp, as from loss of freshness

to decline, as in value or quantity, very gradually

an area sunk below its surroundings

Synonyms for sag

a shape that sags

droop, sink, or settle from or as if from pressure or loss of tautness

cause to sag


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My boobs were smaller and saggier after breastfeeding,' she says (Mel has two sons, Roman, 10, and Valentino, eight, with her ex, actor Daniel Caltagirone).
THEN: Diane before the car crash and the operation to fix her nose NOW: Diane's nostrils are different sizes after the operation PAIN: Diane says cosmetic surgery has left her unhappy with her looks OPERATIONS: Top, Becky wasn't happy with her new saggier breasts, and above, her nipples were moved too high up second time round UNHAPPY: Sue had PIP implants removed
I initially had a boob job because they were getting saggier as I got older," the Daily Mail quoted her as telling Heat Magazine.
SLIGHTLY saggier - and wrinklier - than they used to be, The Faces are back.
But with each baby I had they seemed to get saggier and saggier.
Professor Jim Frame, director of aesthetic surgery at Springfield Hospital in Essex, says: "When the acid bio-degrades, there's a strong possibility your fat will not recover and fill the empty space, leaving you with saggier breasts than when you started.
But the one part of him that's demanded my attention has been his face, which is so stiff it makes Ann Robinson's botoxed work of art look saggier than Beryl Bainbridge's.
Get back on track: While 70 per cent of new mums let the fear of a saggier figure hold them back in bed, 85 per cent of men say they find their partners hotter after having a baby.