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Their number is small but they're smart as they carve out a trail through streams and sage brush to track their prey.
Through oral history the reader enters Marin's world: "The fragrances of the Coastal Miwok world came from buckeye flowers, California bay leaves and bark, ground iris, California rose, angelica, marsh mint, wallflower, and sages such as pitcher sage, mugwort, and California sage brush.
He became a bona fide film star with the epic "The Magnificent Seven" (1960), a sage brush remake of director Akira Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai" (1954).
Immediately, the rest of us look east, where she is pointing, across the flat open land of the Montana prairie, dotted with sage brush and cacti, toward rolling hills and a stand of cottonwood trees.
6) Red Bennett is one of several beekeepers in Ventura County who are worried about production for the next few years, after wildfires devastated the sage brush they use to make honey.
The grid-like design is offered in neutral shades of Sand Dune, Black Forest, Sage Brush, Desert Sand and Oak Leaf.
Explains Wussow: "Because this is a high-desert area with little water and a very-short growth season, there is great concern about native growth -- mostly sage brush and rabbit brush.
It looks real nice, blending into the sage brush, and it was actually warm inside, even with the temperatures in the teens outside.
Habitat management on both private and public land has centered on sage brush management, seeding of forbs and grasses, and cutting or burning trees and brush.
Once wild prairie towns, these two cities became thriving commercial centers when oil was discovered under the sage brush.
Wherever we look at undisturbed chaparral, coastal sage brush or grasslands, the artichoke thistle can't get in," Pryor said.
If possible, remove or thin highly flammable natives such as California sage brush and chamise (also called greasewood).
Since September 2005, a reconnaissance gravity survey, a reconnaissance sage brush biogeochemical survey and a soil survey have been completed over portions of the Bottle Creek district with highly encouraging results.
Restoring sage brush in this area will not only help mule deer, but a wide variety of other wildlife species.
Outside the pavilion, on the edge of the memorial, a solitary figure quietly burned a bundle of sage brush and offered blessings with an eagle feather.