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in a shrewd manner

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The characteristic difficulty of the historian is that of recorded evidence, however sagaciously it may be examined and re-examined, can very rarely be added to; the characteristic error of the direct observer of unfamiliar social or juridical phenomena is to compare them too hastily with familiar phenomena apparently of the same kind.
One legislator sagaciously asked whether it wouldn't be cheaper to settle the case or use in-house counsel.
Scoff at saccharine terms such as "eternal love" and "soul mates", and he will stroke his beard and sagaciously brandish his labour of love - Mirzya , out in the UAE this Thursday - like a weapon.
And this filly, third to Sagaciously at Goodwood last time, has to improve a bit on figures but might, hopefully, be capable of grabbing some black type.
our filly ran very in the Galtres at York and looked like she was coming to win the race but didn't stay," said Dunlop, who sends Sagely's half-sister Sagaciously to Fontainebleau tomorrow.
Moreover, the British handled the rebellious politics in the Punjab sagaciously and adopted the policy of moderation.
But " in your case, I am allowing you to use loudspeakers but its usage must be made sagaciously, particularly in the light of code of conduct," he said and added "strict action would be taken if hate speeches are delivered anywhere in the province," he warned.
The more sagaciously they utilize the social media, the more devotees they have.
She would not have done so had she stayed with her mother; so, she learns sagaciously about people and their morals.
Ed Dunlop's Sagaciously can be given another chance in the PS10 Free At 32Red.
However, Bull sagaciously claims that being 'a revolt against Western values as such,' (33) the fifth, 'cultural' revolt could seed conflict and disharmony of a different sort.
We need persons of integrity and values, persons who can discern and judge sagaciously to unearth truth and execute justice.
308) The second embodies a skepticism of current human capacity to anticipate and resolve sagaciously, via rigid prescriptive theories such as exclusive originalism, all of the currently unimaginable interpretive challenges that law and government will confront in the future.
69) Because of the inherent stringency of the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard, the defendant will be protected from over-punishment--and the judiciary from a diminished trust in its integrity--so long as Illinois courts faithfully and sagaciously apply core principles of criminal adjudication.
The variety of ways of loving itself suggests that the phenomena we include in this are widespread and we are unlikely in our lives or therapeutic profession to avoid loving (though we might sagaciously deny it).