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a narrative telling the adventures of a hero or a family

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Saga boss Lance Batchelor said: "These changes provide us with a more focused executive team as we target and invest in growth in the Saga customer base to achieve our long-term ambitions.
Saga shares have been trading above $50 since late December 2016 and are at their highest value in more than three years.
Saga invests in its people as well as its systems," commented Julius Christmas, group IT director, Saga plc.
Saga said it fully wrote down the value of its Allied business to zero as at 31 January 2015.
We can conclude that whether the sagas are historically accurate or not, the properties of the social worlds they record are similar to those of real social networks," Kenna said.
We believe Saga cruising has a great deal of potential and have invested well over pounds 100m on our fleet over the past few years.
The Saga prefectural government expects an increasing number of Chinese tourists and positive economic effects from the start of the service, and plans to subsidize the cost of operating the flight and related promotional activities.
The former approach was typical of nineteenth-century saga editions, while recent work has tended towards the 'documentary' under the influence of New Philology.
The sale of Saga Agnes is subject to approval by a general meeting and the vessel will be delivered to the buyer upon expiry of its existing time-charter contract in July/August 2012.
Saga Ruby will commence its journey from Southampton on January 5, 2011 and will sail into Sydney on March 3, 2011 during the World Cruise, completing 18 ports of call in four continents and two months of sailing.
The Austoria was recently bought at auction and will be renamed Saga Pearl II in homage to the original Saga Pearl that was replaced by Saga Ruby in 2004.
SAGA has finally managed to buy the ship it wanted to replace its iconic Saga Rose.
That's the finding of a report from Saga Holidays - which says that 31% of holiday home owners surveyed were "very comfortable" letting their property to someone in their 60s, while just 4% felt the same about letting to tenants who were in their 20s.
FROM May 12-18 over 7,000 customers and staff of Saga Holidays, the company specialising in travel for the over 50's, will walk over 7,000 miles; the equivalent from Kent to Kathmandu, in a fundraising event supporting the Saga Charitable Trust.
In this invaluable contribution to Icelandic saga studies, Theodore M.