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any of a class of chiefly red organic dyes

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Focal discontinuity of the cartilage surface area and erosion with loss were the most superficial lesions reported in groups A and B, as well as the mild loss of proteoglycans as evidenced by decreased Safranin O/Fast Green staining.
a) In the lateral femoral condyle bone, safranin O staining of the cartilage lesion is reduced at the transitional and radial zones.
Samples were embedded in wax blocks and sliced into the thin section of 5 [micro]m thickness and stained with Safranin O and Fast Green [24].
After cutting, the material was stained with Safranin and astra blue and mounted on microscope slides with glycerol gelatin.
After washing again with water, it was counterstained with safranin or carbol fuschin for 20-30 seconds.
Also, other organic compounds like malachite green, Safranin O, Congo red and methylene blue might also be present.
Leaf sections were then placed on the slide and added one to two drops of safranin, and the extra safranin was removed by pouring few drops of 96% ethanol.
The remaining biofilm was stained with safranin, solubilized with 95% ethanol, and quantified by reading absorbance at 492 nm.
These included gram staining (crystal violet, logous iodine, safranin, ethanol), lactophenol cotton blue.
Subsequently, 5-[micro]m-thick sections from the mid-sagittal plane of the PPT complex were stained with Safranin O to examine the BTJ proteoglycan profile and with hematoxylin & eosin (H&E) to examine the general morphology; the latter analysis included an assessment of the tendon collagen fibers under a polarized microscope (Nikon Eclipse 50i, Nikon Inc.