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providing or ensuring safety

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73,000 crore in safety-related issues next year," the minister said.
The standard provides requirements for safety-related machine control systems and explains the level of risk reduction that can be achieved.
The tool efficiently creates fail-safe applications, delivering the same engineering and operating concepts for both standard and safety-related tasks.
This will minimise the certification process phase, saving safety-related control manufacturers costs and reducing time to market for newly designed products.
On the product category side, a variety of properties of all types have been licensing safety-related items, including Discovery Expedition (emergency radios from Brands Unlimited), Stanley Black & Decker (Work in Progress Ltd.
Managing full access to the signals in the network, regardless of whether standard or safety-related channels are affected.
The first part of the standard provides the requirements for life-cycle management of a safety-related electronic control system.
The safety-related program itself is created with Simatic Step 7 and S7-Distributed Safety.
9 million) last quarter and several well-publicized safety-related incidents, Japan Airlines yesterday released an extended five-year, medium-term business plan designed to "win back the trust and confidence" of stakeholders and customers, create a more unified and open corporate culture and return the airline to profitability in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2007.
This study examined the relationship between production employees' perceptions of productivity and quality climates and safety-related events.
If you determine it is a safety-related problem, then you must immediately report it through safety channels.
If, for example, one team member is absent because of a safety-related accident, it will directly affect the workload of all remaining employees.
Solution: The safety officer can place in a binder the CSMP Option D printout (safety-related jobs only), the zone inspection program sheets that have safety-related items, copies of the latest inspections, and any other safety-related item that needs correction.
Reasons for recalls and warnings included failing to label products with potentially dangerous allergenic ingredients, mislabeled products, bacterial contamination and other serious safety-related concerns, according to the Center.
But Computer Weekly said the confidential report had categorised the misreading of screen displays as safety-related issues.