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a curbed area in a roadway from which traffic is excluded

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Mini bikes in the safety zone allow children to learn safe riding and prepare them for the future.
Safety Zone, headquartered in Guilford, Connecticut, imports and distributes supplies and devices for safety, janitorial, medical, food service and food processing applications.
We're the only youth facility in the village and it makes such a difference to get Boots involved," says Nan Frame, who runs The Safety Zone.
The distance of the anchors and the length of the anchor chains is a major reason why Shell has asked the US District Court for a larger safety, or exclusion, zone of 1,500 meters around the drillships than can be provided by the US Coast Guard in the 500-meter safety zones it can establish under its regulations.
Consequently, to make sure that the high-value unit is not sunk, each minimum safety zone must be completely contained within its corresponding field of safe travel for the duration of the voyage.
Taylor opposes the Downtown Public Safety Zone as an affront to civil liberties, full stop.
We would urge those who truly have the safety of children at heart to support the work of the Safer Routes to School Steering Group and we would also urge those parents and taxi drivers who routinely stop in the safety zone to drop off children at the school gate to heed the advice of the council's Road Safety Team by parking outside the zone and walking children to the school.
8 feet that can be set to either make a warning sound or reduce AGV speed, and one safety zone of up to 10 feet that, if breached, will result in an emergency stop.
To avoid this, a fixed size safety zone between defects and crosscuts is used, but can lead to an excess of material cut away in the crosscutting operation.
A SAFETY zone set up amid fears a gas cylinder might explode in Wirral was still in place last night more than 12 hours after the first call to emergency services.
Alarms and safety zone settings in the AIS1000 provide collision avoidance.
Hyundai Safety Zone showcases Hyundai's move towards a more participation- oriented and interactive format at the Expo.
Matthew Costa takes his style cues from outside the safety zone (read hazardous) for his new line of sunglasses.
GALAXY'S top DJ Dan Kelly is stepping out of his musical safety zone when he appears as a judge in the regional final of Battle of the Bands at Walkabout tonight .
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