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a guarantee of professional or financial security

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a large strong net to catch circus acrobats who fall or jump from a trapeze

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DHAKA: The World Bank gave approval to an additional $245 million to improve the equity, efficiency and transparency of major safety net programs in Bangladesh.
Beneficiaries of Social Safety Nets Programs (number of individuals), of which % women (CRI).
So, social safety nets aim to support stability and social cohesion, and to achieve balance between communities.
She proposed to make a joint working committee of representatives from key programme implementations around the world, supplemented by an integrated online portal for sharing the information from various social safety nets being implemented across the world.
It was decided to work together on developing the League of social safety nets for Asia as a responsibility, contributing to the "Asian century".
The World Bank gave the country's conditional cash transfer (CCT) program high marks, saying it was one of the largest and best-targeted social safety net programs in the world.
Keywords: Social Safety Nets, Sustainable Economic Development, Theoretical investigation.
Launched in 2009 to improve the administration of public pension schemes and pilot a modest programme to provide a social safety net to the most vulnerable people, the Safety Nets and Pensions Support Project has made steady progress.
Volumes of work document the inadequacies of safety net structure, funding, and access, (1) but I have found many examples of safety net systems that function well enough.
Defined as transfer programs targeted to the poor or vulnerable, safety nets redistribute income to reduce poverty and inequality, allow households to invest in their children and manage risk, and allow governments to implement reforms that support efficiency and growth.
SmartData has worked with safety net service companies to produce a software solution that is easy to manage and install, with five customers now implementing the NetLog product nationwide.
Child-welfare experts are concerned about the fate of these children, many of whom will age out of the system at 18 with little or no safety nets.
No serious insurer would intentionally remove a safety net that could safeguard profitability, but more than a few might fail to recognize the new safety nets emerging in the property/casualty business.
The following account is a testimonial to the importance of ensuring the proper safety nets are in place.