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a guarantee of professional or financial security

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a large strong net to catch circus acrobats who fall or jump from a trapeze

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In the run-up to the passage of the ACA in 2010, safety net hospitals were promised expanded coverage and more reimbursement.
Ihsanoglu noted that in light of the budget deficit faced by the Government of Palestine, Baku conference intends to create an Islamic financial safety net, as a contribution of the OIC, aimed at presenting direct financial aid.
Faced with this safety issue on the 140m-high residential towers, and also having to provide edge protection for workers at height, Combisafe provided its latest safety net fans.
In August, a survey from the Commonwealth Fund found 98 percent of health and health care policy leaders believe safety net providers will be crucial even after health reform is fully implemented.
A Kent Police spokesman last night said: "A man taking part in a human cannonball event this afternoon has died after it is believed s a safety net failed to engage.
The safety net lay flat on the ground as he fell head-first to his death.
This finding then led to our Safety Net Initiative.
Volumes of work document the inadequacies of safety net structure, funding, and access, (1) but I have found many examples of safety net systems that function well enough.
US$200 million is for the Pakistan Social Safety Nets Development Policy Credit, which is designed to establish an institutional and operational framework for an efficient national safety net system.
Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics includes a substantial financial safety net and insurance plan.
SmartData has worked with safety net service companies to produce a software solution that is easy to manage and install, with five customers now implementing the NetLog product nationwide.
The projects are using their $85,000 shares each to address electronic access to clinical data from hospitals, lab results and orders, as well as electronic specialty referrals for the safety net population.
A World Bank loan will help finance reform of Jamaica's Social Safety Net (SSN) (Loan 7076-JM; Project ID No.
ALFA's proposal had three components: (1) Medicaid must be maintained as a safety net for low-income consumers, (2) Medicaid must be reformed to eliminate the institutional bias and allow true consumer choice, and (3) consumers must be educated about the cost of long-term care and personal responsibility in planning and saving must be encouraged.