safety match

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a paper match that strikes only on a specially prepared surface

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Tears made a course from my eyes to cheek when my son Ahmad 14 asked me Mom, look, safety match imprinted with picture of founder of Pakistan is floating in drain outside our home.
How degrading is this that we use the safety match carrying picture of founding father of Pakistan and throw it in nullah wherein it is dissolved into flooding filth, said and elderly man.
Jamie Ollivere, sales and marketing director at innovation specialists RTC North, said: "From the safety match and Dulux paint to Quorn and Pyrex, Tees Valley has made its mark on the world with its innovative spirit.
The other chemical and consumer products regulated by the agency include brake fluid, safety belt (seat belt), safety glass for automotive use, pneumatic tire, fire extinguisher, fireworks, lead-acid battery, disposable lighter, safety match, liquefied petroleum gas cylinder for household and automotive uses, inner tubes for tires, motorcycle helmet and their visors, medical grade oxygen, and, monobloc chairs and stools.
The safety match when invented was a revelation and occurred in 1844 when Swedish professor Gustaf Erik Pasch developed a way to replace the very poisonous (and easily ignitable) yellow phosphorus with non-poisonous red phosphorus.
Looking at the North East alone, the railway, electric lamp, steam turbine and safety match immediately spring to mind.