safety lock

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guard consisting of a locking device that prevents a weapon from being fired

a bolt that cannot be moved from outside the door or gate


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Can I use a factory-correct Winchester two-detent safety lock and fit it to the breech bolt and have it function safely?
A CORONER is demanding improved safety locks on high-rise windows after a six-year-old boy fell to his death from the eighth floor.
An automatic safety lock also provides for safe transport of hazardous drugs when attached to a syringe.
The hoppers, which come in a range of sizes, include a number of standard safety features: A safety lock prevents hoppers from inadvertently dumping when traveling over rough terrain, a rope release lets operators release the latch safely from the ground or from the operator's seat, and the safety chain and grab hook secure each hopper to the forklift to ensure they will not slide off the forks when traveling or dumping.
For mold carriers: lid open/close, lid lock/unlock, lid-open safety lock, platen raise/lower; Allen-Bradley PLC.
The safety lock prevents the latch clamp from being accidentally opened if the handle is bumped.
The fittings can perform as part of a safety stop system to prevent descent under load, as a stroke control to stop the piston in various positions of conveying and handling objects, and as a safety lock for assembly and punch.
Millions of gun locks are sold each year, said Bill Brassard, national coordinator for Project Homesafe, and "there has never been a report of any injury or accident from anyone who has gained unauthorized access to a gun" by tampering with a safety lock.
A TODDLER dangled 200 feet above the ground after opening a window safety lock with his pencil.
Extra features include sling swivel studs and a trigger guard safety lock.
Note that this trick generally won't work with a disposable trocar that has a safety lock, because once the sharp end has passed through the firm layers of the abdominal wall, the safety feature engages and covers the point.
Mazda said a sliding door on the left rear side of its model could suddenly open on impact during driving, as the inner child safety lock does not work properly.
Always use the harness and the strap, and periodically give the pushchair a thorough check to see that everything is in order, including the lock and the safety lock.
Keep an eye out for the round safety lock friction ring that fits on the firing pin body just ahead of the safety lock as it is housed inside of the bolt body.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because the rear side door lock mechanisms may not have been manufactured to correct tolerances and, when the inside door handle is pulled, the earlier engaged child safety lock can disengage.