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the ratio of the breaking stress of a structure to the estimated maximum stress in ordinary use

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The questionnaire was developed to obtain the association between safety factors and walking in the university campus based on the respondents' opinion.
All this together -- the National Fund and the country's gold and foreign exchange reserve is $102 billion which leads us to say that we have reliable reserve and safety factor.
2) How large a safety factor should be assigned to ensure the required acceptable probability of failure falls within the required range?
Safety factors for representative gear set LCR HCR11 HCR111 HCR12 HCR121 [S.
Leave a known safety factor as determined by simple functional tests of component moldings.
They will achieve the safety factor for liquefaction indicated above.
Increasing cure time to create a safety factor for core cure increases the equivalent cure times for scorch at fill and surface cure.
EPA would usually add a 10-fold interspecies safety factor to allow for differences between animals and humans, and a 10-fold intraspecies safety factor to account for variation in sensitivities among humans.
Normally, components are designed to yield strength characteristics with an added safety factor.
So the 1,000-pound SPIDER can lift and hold far more than its own weight - up to 6,000 pounds, or 3,000 pounds with a 50 percent safety factor.
has this to say: "His organization skills and medical experience will be greatly appreciated and although we hope the season goes without accident, the risk is always there and to have an experienced EMT who is also a diver provides a real increased safety factor, we will be working where medical assistance may take several hours to arrive on the scene if there is an accident, and with Luke being there it will just give the crew a larger margin of safety.
Because a safety factor of 10-fold does not adequately account for the wide range of susceptibility that exists in human populations, there is a need to reexamine the adequacy of this uncertainty factor to provide adequate health protection.
Lynch says parents considering the experimental procedure knew nothing about the gender or genetic characteristics of the fetuses, and the decision regarding which fetuses to terminate is based solely on their proximity to the mother's abdominal wall, a safety factor in the procedure.
If you can operate like an airplane, you get the safety factor up and the costs down,'' said Vincent Rausch, Hyper-X program manager at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia.
Further, it provides for an additional safety factor (10-fold, unless reliable data show that a different factor will be safe) to ensure that tolerances are safe for infants and children, and it requires collection of better data on food consumption patterns, pesticide residue levels, and pesticide use (U.