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a fireproof theater curtain to be dropped in case of fire

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The race was ultimately voided due to the safety curtain being brought on to the track a circuit early, causing the runners to ease up at the penultimate turn and squeeze through a diminishing gap.
Each performance will begin with the theatre being lit up in an unusual way from bottom to top, after which The Master of Mischief, based on the harlequin figure painted on the theatre safety curtain, will step forward as "the protagonist of the whole thing".
And there was the stagehand whose unexpected appearance at the end of a show was somewhat marred by the fact that he was suddenly flattened - by the descending safety curtain.
In these environments the Sprint provides energy saving, and maximum safety provision, with an electrically monitored contact safety beam, and a clear safety curtain that allows personnel to see movement on either side, essential in facilities that employ automated transport.
Middlesbrough Council closed the theatre last week because a problem with the safety curtain meant the venue was flouting health and safety rules.
As the safety curtain lifted, the stage was covered in giant metal tubes which started "dancing" before actually jumping out above the heads of the people in the stalls.
Although its auditorium was in modern style with concealed lighting and a safety curtain showing a map of local Heart of England towns, it had a wonderfully spacious and vibrant atmosphere.
Colin recalls that the week before he was due they had to bring down the safety curtain to save folk singer turned film star Burl Ives.
THE water running down the safety curtain during the interval at Cardiff's New Theatre failed to dampen the cast's enthusiasm at the last night of Willy Russell's excellent musical play, Blood Brothers.
The distinguished British-based Indian painter, whose work unites the traditions of Western abstract painting and Indian decorative art, won the commission three years ago to provide the Birmingham Hippodrome with a new safety curtain.
Contract awarded for Laser safety curtain and roller blinds
The stage's safety curtain, backstage pulley equipment - believed to date back to 1896 - and other devices installed in the 1960s, including a winch, will all be upgraded to meet the needs of a 21st-century venue.
He would come and do openings and receptions and unveiled our highlydecorated safety curtain in 2006.
At the 1962 Cardiff show, Jerry Lee had lost none of his popularity and when he sang Great Balls of Fire and Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On, his biggest 1950s hit recordings, he brought the house down, so much in fact the safety curtain had to be dropped to save him from his adoring fans
In addition the logo was projected on to the safety curtain at the theatre during all the productions in the centenary season and a brass plaque was produced and installed In the foyer commemorating BHP's support.
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