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bicycle that has two wheels of equal size

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But the safety bicycle with its more modern frame caused a boom and by the early 20th century the bicycle was everywhere.
This was an international fashion - a later German bisque model of a youth with a safety bicycle shows similar clothing.
However, these now were invariably based on the features of the safety bicycle, with chain-driven rear wheels and pneumatic fires.
On the evolution of the safety bicycle see Sharon Babiain, The Most Benevolent Machine: An Historical Assessment of Cycles in Canada (Ottawa: National Museum of Science and Technology, 1998), 24-8; and Trevor Pinch and Wiebe Bijker, "The Social Construction of Facts and Artifacts: or How the Sociology of Science and the Sociology of Technology Might Benefit Each Other," in The Social Construction of Technological Systems: New Directions in the Sociology and History of Technology, eds.
In 1885 he made history with the Rover safety bicycle.
London-based Sara depicts the John Starley's true forerunner of the modern safety bicycle, the Rover.
The Bicycle Association of Great Britain left the note, reading: "Thanks for introducing the world to the Rover Safety bicycle.
The 1886 Starley Safety Bicycle, built in the city, set the pattern for modern bikes and many bicycle companies progressed to motorcycles and cars.
Lifelong Learning manager Julia Gandy showed children a penny farthing, a bone shaker and a tricycle designed as an improvement on the penny farthing and then a safety bicycle which was a further design improvement.
Mrs Staples said: "Originally lessons were held in the house once owned by John Kemp Starley, inventor of the safety bicycle on which all bicycles are still modelled today.
In 1885, James Starley's nephew, John Kemp Starley, took advantage of new developments to launch his Rover Safety Bicycle.
John Starley (left) created the Rover safety bicycle in 1885 and died in 1901.
Mr Starley, a retired chief electrical engineer in the Royal Navy, said: "It is somewhat poignant that I am here to see a Land Rover bicycle being donated to the charity cyclethon as it was my family who in 1885 established the Rover safety bicycle, leading to the formation of Rover cars.
1885 The first Rover Safety bicycle is shown at the Agricultural Halls in London.
Other candidates include jet engine inventor Sir Frank Whittle, philanthropist Sir Thomas White and James Starley, the inventor of the safety bicycle.