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belt attaching you to some object as a restraint in order to prevent you from getting hurt

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The Hi-Vis Safety Belt eliminates the ambiguity of whether a motorist was wearing their seat belt, which can often result in unfairly assessed traffic citations.
a crash, the inflatable safety belt deploys over the driver or passenger's torso and
Today there is legislation requiring safety belt usage in 111 countries the world over.
Not wearing safety belts has resulted in some of these accidents being more tragic than they should be, the ministry added.
We can save lives by encouraging safety belt use 100 percent of the time, and this contest sets a positive safety example for the next generation.
NHTSA encouraged States to conduct nighttime, as well as daytime, enforcement of safety belt laws during the nationwide Click It or Ticket campaign from May 20 to June 2, 2013.
Worries about being trapped in the car during an accident because you wore a safety belt can be set aside as statistics show that the best place to be during an accident is in your car.
The Roads Policing Unit chief said: "In the UK last year more than 1,000 lives were saved as a direct result of wearing a safety belt in a car.
The law states that all passengers of the vehicle should wear the safety belt, but in some cases only the drivers wear it.
In the USA, 72% of drivers use safety belts, although in states with stricter laws, the figure is 80%.
Volvo managing director Peter Rask said: "This invention is a perfect ex-x ample of how the protection of human life is intrinsic to the DNA of our company - as safety belts are a legal requirement, I like to think there is a little piece of Volvo in every car.
The Prince - Royal patron of the Commission for Global Road Safety - made the special international award as part of celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the invention of the three-point safety belt by Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin.
HRH Prince Michael of Kent has recognised Volvo's three-point safety belt with a Road Safety Award.
To this day, the three-point safety belt remains the car's single most important safety feature.