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Synonyms for safeness

the quality or state of being safe

Antonyms for safeness

the quality of being safe

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The jury this year consisted of famous designers and bicycle industry experts worldwide, who evaluated entries based on level of innovation, quality of design, choice of materials, environmental impact, range of function, load capacity, safeness, universal design as well as brand value and branding; while the products were entered in four categories: bicycles, components, clothing and equipment for cyclists, and accessories.
She still loves him, and the safeness and security of their relationship.
This is not strictly true, of course, but the past is always viewed nostalgically, through rose-colored glasses, and McGuffey's provides such imagined safeness and ease without either contemporary society's problems or Victorian brutal realities.
Meanwhile, on the National Guard's request, an Army patrol arrived on the scene to place in safeness the arms available in the station in question, whose chief carefully took the initiative, in co-ordination with the administration, to hide them in his home," the communique said.
Described method of partial discharge localization and identification using inductive rotating probe is very powerful tool for service and maintenance of electrical rotating machines and bring saves and safeness for generator owners.
The parent/child relationship and the closeness and safeness experienced by the child is critical, and ABC 30&3 has helped to reconnect the parents and children.
Most significantly, none of the ten have changed their political safeness or marginality by more than a very few percent-t age points.
Hot-smoked salmon cubes combine the pleasing taste of traditionally smoked salmon with the safeness of a cooked product.
Safeness and conservativeness are two special cases of boundedness.
Finally, students learned that nonpink hamburger meat does not guarantee safeness to eat (75% correct increased to 93%).
Our issue is the safeness and soundness of the bank, and where we have troubled loans we're adequately reserved.
The mattress industry does well in private-equity hands because the owners recognize the safeness of the category.
Unfortunately, despite their seemingly 'natural' composition, not all supplements are tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) therefore claims of safeness and reliability cannot be trusted (Metzl et al.
Mowbray said: "Leon gave us a security and a safeness with his physical attributes, his recovery and pace.