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a fireproof metal strongbox (usually in a bank) for storing valuables

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The money wasn't big enough and he felt that it was time to attend to his safe-deposit boxes.
When held in the safe-deposit area, Margarita stayed in the corner with her back to the robbers.
Insurance Services Office has introduced a new insurance program to protect financial institutions from employee dishonesty, forgery, computer crime, kidnap and ransom, and safe-deposit liability, enhancing its offering of fidelity and crime products.
letters, which Mary Jo wisely put away in her safe-deposit box.
Authorities report thefts from hotel safe-deposit boxes and from rental cars, even in guarded garages.
Mr Al Fayed's application was turned down after Mr Straw ruled he was not of the necessary "good character" because of his involvement in the cash-for-questions political scandal and his failure to act against staff who broke into business rival Mr Tiny Rowland's Harrods safe-deposit box.
Stacks and rows of safe-deposit boxes remained as evidence of the many individuals who had entrusted the bank with their money, significant documents, and family heirlooms.
As much as you'd like to prepare your will, stash it in a safe-deposit box and then never see it again, resist that temptation.
Branch amenities include a 24-hour ATM, safe-deposit boxes, and a night depository.
We have found a part of funds in the two banks, that were in safe-deposit boxes.