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the target company defends itself by acquiring a company so onerously regulated that it makes the target less attractive

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Several other state associations are also close to finalizing partnerships with REALTOR Safe Harbor.
However in order to inform consumers about their exposure risk to such chemicals, it is required to place a warning statement on a product label once the level of chemical exposure to individuals exceeds the safe harbor levels.
No depreciation is allowed for the years in which the safe harbor is elected, but it is permitted in years in which the actual-expense method is used.
This year, the mission of Safe Harbor expanded to provide non-medical care management not only to seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors and their families but also to tracking and overseeing the Navy's non-seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors.
Safe Harbor is operated by social service and law enforcement agencies, including the Ventura County District Attorney's Office, to protect children from abuse.
Proc 2005-31 provides a safe harbor for determining the finality of the adoption of a foreign-born child (1) until the Convention is ratified and (2) from a country not a party to the Convention after ratification.
A partnership must make a formal Safe Harbor Election and attach the election to its tax return, which includes the effective date of the election, if it wants to issue an SHPI.
Most companies, according to what I interpreted from this commission staff working document, tried to avoid compliance in any possible way and exploit loopholes of the Safe Harbor," said Cedric Laurant of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC).
TEI's President urged the Treasury and IRS representatives to retain the cost safe harbor, pointing out that "the safe harbor provides a simple and reliable pricing method for dealing with intercompany services that cannot be considered integral to the business or business activity of either the service provider or recipient.
firms that the Germans view the model contract as the preferred course in lieu of waiting for the safe harbor outcome.
The indictment does not address whether the physician actually performed any of the consulting services under the agreement or to what extent the agreement failed to meet the requirements of a safe harbor.
Under the 90% safe harbor, Joe pays at least 90% of the tax for the current year.
PharmaVigilant, a provider of integrated clinical trial software solutions, announced today that it received Safe Harbor Certification effective April 5, 2011.
In 2011, Safe Harbor was able to provide the following services to the children of Allegan County in a compassionate environment and free of charge:
Individuals are also provided with a safe harbor to calculate the value of their personal belongings immediately before a 2005 hurricane, to determine a loss.