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the target company defends itself by acquiring a company so onerously regulated that it makes the target less attractive

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The safe harbor is effective for tax years beginning on or after Jan.
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However in order to inform consumers about their exposure risk to such chemicals, it is required to place a warning statement on a product label once the level of chemical exposure to individuals exceeds the safe harbor levels.
No depreciation is allowed for the years in which the safe harbor is elected, but it is permitted in years in which the actual-expense method is used.
This year, the mission of Safe Harbor expanded to provide non-medical care management not only to seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors and their families but also to tracking and overseeing the Navy's non-seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors.
This new testing process should help our customers to feel confident that Safe Harbor certified fish and seafood can continue to be an important part of their healthy diet," said Davis.
Seafood sold with the Safe Harbor seal is certified to have a mercury level that is among the lowest available for each species.
Safe Harbor is operated by social service and law enforcement agencies, including the Ventura County District Attorney's Office, to protect children from abuse.
Safe harbor 401(k) plans are very attractive because if the plan satisfies four conditions, then the 401(k) antidiscrimination test is deemed satisfied.
A partnership must make a formal Safe Harbor Election and attach the election to its tax return, which includes the effective date of the election, if it wants to issue an SHPI.
Most companies, according to what I interpreted from this commission staff working document, tried to avoid compliance in any possible way and exploit loopholes of the Safe Harbor," said Cedric Laurant of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC).
As a businessowner or highly compensated employee with decision-making authority, you should consider a Safe Harbor 401(k) plan design if your company has any of the following characteristics: a plan that routinely fails the tests for actual deferral percentage and average contribution percentage (ADP/ACP); a large percentage of highly compensated employees; or a top-heavy plan with low participation rates.
Department of Treasury concerning the development of a per se list of low-margin and non-integral services that should qualify for a cost safe harbor under the proposed regulations relating to the treatment of services under Code Section 482.
The rule also requires that the exchanger use a safe harbor to hold the proceeds while the exchange is in progress, spelling out what those safe harbors are.
In December 1999, the working party created to advise the EU commission on the implementation of the EU directive posted its opinion that the most recent safe harbor package released in mid-November was unsatisfactory.