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Synonyms for safe

Synonyms for safe

free from danger, injury, or the threat of harm

affording protection


Synonyms for safe

strongbox where valuables can be safely kept

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a ventilated or refrigerated cupboard for securing provisions from pests

contraceptive device consisting of a sheath of thin rubber or latex that is worn over the penis during intercourse

free from danger or the risk of harm

(of an undertaking) secure from risk

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having reached a base without being put out


financially sound

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References in classic literature ?
The outer room through which they had to pass, was full of men; among them, Mr Dennis in safe keeping; and there, had been since yesterday, lying in hiding behind a wooden screen which was now thrown down, Simon Tappertit, the recreant 'prentice, burnt and bruised, and with a gun-shot wound in his body; and his legs--his perfect legs, the pride and glory of his life, the comfort of his existence--crushed into shapeless ugliness.
A coach was ready at the door, and Dolly found herself safe and whole inside, between her father and mother, with Emma Haredale and her uncle, quite real, sitting opposite.
Near the door I saw the gleam of an electric switch, but it was unnecessary, even if it had been safe, to turn it on.
Suddenly I saw him halt, listen intently, and then in an instant he had swung the door of the safe to, picked up his coat, stuffed his tools into the pockets, and darted behind the window curtain, motioning me to do the same.
I was not sure whether he had seen what was only too obvious from my position, that the door of the safe was imperfectly closed, and that Milverton might at any moment observe it.
Again and again he did it, until the safe was empty.
The safe harbor regulations require that, if the lease is not for full-time occupancy of the premises during the entire lease term, it specify exactly the schedule of use or occupancy, the duration of use or occupancy, and the exact rent for such intervals.
Safe Harbors I and II of the prior regulations ensured that a distribution and later acquisition would not be treated as part of a plan if, among other conditions, the acquisition occurred more than six months after the distribution, and no agreement, understanding, arrangement or substantial negotiations existed within six months after the distribution.
Supply and safe delivery of -tab-phenytoin sodium 100 mg supply and safe delivery of -tab-carb amaze pine sr 200 mq supply and safe delivery of -cap/tab -gabapentin 300 mg supply and safe delivery of -tab-clonazepam 0.
The crackers are packed in nano-carbon-fiber sturdy boxes that keep the crackers safe from harm.
2 : giving protection or security against harm or danger <a safe neighborhood>
Individuals are also provided with a safe harbor to calculate the value of their personal belongings immediately before a 2005 hurricane, to determine a loss.