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someone who enjoys both sadism and masochism

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The trial focused primarily on the fictional articles containing accounts of lesbian sadomasochist sex.
The network premieres "Mundos extremos," an original series that goes into the heart of unconventional communities such as Mennonites, Sadomasochists and Nazis
I suppose he could be labeled a sadomasochist, but that is too fancy for a simple coach like myself.
With photographs of and information about his two long-term lovers and various statements about his abusive parents supplementing the "twisted" relationship of the perversely intertwined figures in many of his triptychs and his use of "universal" Christian iconography, above all the crucifixion, this exhibition offered a good deal of evidence to support the idea of Francis Bacon as a homosexual, sadomasochist "outlaw," someone obsessed with violence and suffering, his own and humanity's in general.
Max Mosely, 2008: The News of the World published stills of Mosley's sadomasochist sex scandal.
For one thing, Kinsey was a sadomasochist with a history of abusing his own sexual organs in bizarre and brutal ways, a practice that led to his demise.
Which is, in itself, almost as unthinkable as asking a sadomasochist, who consorts with tarts, to comment on the morality of the nation's media.
However, if you are the kind of sadomasochist, er, sorry I meant 'outdoor-type' who loves abseiling, scrambling, waterfall-climbing, high-rope crossings, water jumps, rock slides, negotiating dark tunnels and sticky mud baths, then you've come to the right place.
The Sadomasochist in the Closet: White Masculinity and the Culture of Victimization.
One objector said the shop will sell hardcore pornographic films and sadomasochist items.
The sadomasochist (who wishes to be harmed) could not derive the
THE heroic lover who saved sadomasochist fanatic Allison Phelps from being murdered by her estranged husband has told how she betrayed him only months later.
In 1998, she made news testifying in defence of a sadomasochist prostitute, saying such deviant sexual behaviour was "therapeutic" and that she was an experienced dominatrix herself.
If you're like me -- neither a Chicago White Sox fan, a recent lottery winner nor a sadomasochist -- you were probably pretty happy to see the third quarter of the retail calendar year end.
In racing papers and on tip sheets you get phone numbers for shops that sell sex aids, orgasm stimulants, sadomasochist software (surely that should be hardware) and I found a special offer for a pill that takes five minutes to induce an erection which lasts an hour.