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someone who enjoys both sadism and masochism

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Moreover, to focus on the phallus negates the sadomasochist potential of the poem, especially when we accept the Foucauldian argument that sadomasochism breaks up "the erotic monopoly traditionally held by the genitals" (Halperin, Saint Foucault 88).
Fans cannot wait for the movie to be released and they are excited to see the red room of pain, the infamous sadomasochist room of pleasure.
Non-normative sexualities, such as those with a sadomasochist fetish theme, continue to be targeted at our borders.
The Helpers--they are usually but not always female--will establish a vaguely sadomasochist relationship with you in which you, or your teenage daughter, will be forced to reveal the most intimate and embarrassing details of your inner head.
The graphic and explicit detailing of erotic or sadomasochist scenes constitutes their development into something more unsettling, more violent.
She denies her vows (Compassionates are extinct by the time she's eighteen, anyway) yet obsesses all her life on the true identity of Christ, disbelieving he was a sadomasochist who was pleased that his flock ate cockroaches for humility.
So we have Johnson the sadomasochist, misogynist, reactionary, and Jacobite, and above all, neurotic, his body of work a bag of symptoms.
My first part was in a film where I played a sadomasochist who killed people and created fun orgies.
However, there seem to be limits to the applicability of sadomasochist theory to the description of gender relations if the former is understood to allow for a continuum of power: for the gendered identities depicted in Hustvedt's novel are not fluid and power is not, in a sense, inherent in both positionalities, both dominant and dominated.
I suppose he could be labeled a sadomasochist, but that is too fancy for a simple coach like myself.
The ghostly remnant of a scratching on her chest in fanciful script reading "Pervert" reminds viewers knowledgeable about her work of an earlier Self-Portrait/Pervert, which shows the artist in full sadomasochist regalia replete with leather mask and pants, naked torso, and forty-six metal pins piercing her arms.
With photographs of and information about his two long-term lovers and various statements about his abusive parents supplementing the "twisted" relationship of the perversely intertwined figures in many of his triptychs and his use of "universal" Christian iconography, above all the crucifixion, this exhibition offered a good deal of evidence to support the idea of Francis Bacon as a homosexual, sadomasochist "outlaw," someone obsessed with violence and suffering, his own and humanity's in general.
For one thing, Kinsey was a sadomasochist with a history of abusing his own sexual organs in bizarre and brutal ways, a practice that led to his demise.
The sadomasochist could be a kind of natural anarchist.