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(of a rider) sore after riding a horse

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Imagine a saddle-sore '50s B-Western overlaid with down-and-dirty "Deadwood"-style squalor, and you're ready for the long, hard ride that is The Far Side of Jericho.
Suitably saddle-sore after their dash north, Dan, Paul and Ken will take a break from pedaling on a North Sea ferry to Rotterdam.
Postal Service sponsors Lance and his saddle-sore pals, there's probably a really cool job as a bike messenger awaiting him when he's done.
Saddle-sore Mario joined crocked Saeco team-mate Ivan Gotti on the injury list - allowing Brit speedster Chris Boardman to race into third place.
Without the Oscar-winning success of Leonardo DiCaprio's recent Western, this saddle-sore three-legged pony would surely have hoofed it straight to DVD.
For weeks I've been experiencing the effects of being saddle-sore from training.
Oh well, at least the money will be going to a good cause - a new lycra leotard for the Prime Minister and some much-needed balm for Sir Alan's saddle-sore buttocks.
A group of saddle-sore bike riders who completed a 92-mile ride hope to have raised more than pounds 2,000 for Walsall Hospice.
He began training for the ride in January and for the past six weeks has been training 25 hours a week, leaving him saddle-sore but still determined.
THREE easy riders were left saddle-sore but happy after helping to raise thousands of pounds for needy children and young people.
ENTHUSIASTIC children and saddle-sore cyclists have launched Redcar and Cleveland's newest cycleway.
SADDLE-SORE staff from a Bridgend pharmaceutical company raised pounds 400 for charity by cycling 100 miles.
I'm going to be in the saddle for between eight and 10 hours a day - I'll be so saddle-sore by day three.
At the end of each event, TNT will transport up to 1,000 bicycles back to the starting point on behalf of weary, saddle-sore competitors.
I've got to tell you: I've gotten real saddle-sore riding this horse.