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shaped in the form of a horse's saddle

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15-18): Epandrium irregularly saddle-shaped with strong setae; surstylus elongate and slightly blunted apically, margin with dense setulae.
11 with filiform trichoid sensillae, with about 20 serrulae; serrulae at centre saddle-shaped, broadly rounded at apex, with about 5-7 irregular posterior sub-basal teeth and one large notched anterior sub-basal tooth (Fig.
In the normal anatomy, the incudomalleolar joint is a saddle-shaped diarthrosis surrounded by an articular capsule.
People, myself included, have been watching with interest as the saddle-shaped vision has risen up from the Kings Dock waterfront.
99), a saddle-shaped pad to relieve joint stiffness for senior dogs ($5.
If you want an American 50s coffee-bar style you could opt for The Chair Company's Jamaica Alu stool,in aluminium with a sleek saddle-shaped seat, which costs pounds 325.
Gilbert's was one of four new bronze saddle-shaped plaques unveiled on Santa Clarita's version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Rather than having to rely on a movable lens to focus light, they came up with a saddle-shaped lens that stays put.
This versatility of motion is provided by the saddle-shaped carpometacarpal joint at its base.
The saddle-shaped SunRoof clamps to standard stroller canopies and tubular lawn furniture.
The nestable, saddle-shaped roll supports come in 40-to 60-mil thicknesses.
A new engineering feasibility study shows that steel fuel tanks can meet design flexibility, volume capacity and weight requirements for complex, saddle-shaped fuel tanks while providing the inherent impermeability favored for meeting new, stringent evaporative emissions standards.
With a lot of recordings, the somewhat saddle-shaped response of the SR-60 phones, aside from Mr.
Which is why the new fangled notion of turning the Ladies into a series of saddle-shaped pedestals separated only by glass partitions will turn out to be a busted flush.