saddle stitch

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a decorative overcast or running stitch, especially in a contrasting color

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The saddle stitch is created using one long continuous waxed thread and two heavv-duty needles with blunt points, called harness or glover's needles.
Use the saddle stitch to construct a versatile leather satchel with a convertible shoulder strap.
Note that the pattern doesn't include seam allowances, as the saddle stitch constniction method incorporates the leather cut edges.
When constructing the bag, saddle stitch the smaller leather partem pieces before attempting the larger ones.
Follow the saddle stitching instructions on page 63 to saddle stitch the tab penmeter below the metal bar (4).
Follow the previous instructions to mark and saddle stitch the strap penmeter along the raw edges and within the hardware.
Saddle stitch the strap in two stages to utilize shorter thread lengths for more control.
Bindery capabilities are numerous -- both saddle stitch and perfect binding are options at Delta and warehousing and distribution facilities can help in managing inventory or drop shipping to many different destinations.
The NEC IT5035 is a 50-Copies Per Minute (CPM) digital copier that features network printing, scanning, e-mail integration, faxing and management options plus sorting, stapling, saddle stitch booklet creation and hole-punch.
Tenders are invited for Printing - 2016-2017 ~Getting Started at Tyler~ Publication/2016-2017 Community Recruitment Publication - Offset Printing, Booklets, Saddle Stitch Binding (Quantities up to 100,000; 4 Color Process or Tight Registration Required): Books, Magazines, etc.
Finishing options include two 3,000-sheet finishers, one with 100-sheet stapling in four positions and a second with saddle stitch stapling - (for the LD090 only).
5" finish 60# cover, trim, fold, saddle stitch on long 10.
4,000 qty of 28 pages plus cover, folded to 4" x 5-1/2", score cover and saddle stitch on the 5-1/2" spine, cover prints 4 color process, cover prints with bleeds, text prints 4 color, two sided, head to head.
Lot 2 Jobbing print For example, 1, 2, and 3 colour work with various finishing Saddle Stitch, wire-o bind and comb binding.
Finishing options include an internally mounted finisher that offers basic stapling capabilities up to 2 and 3 hole punch options and saddle stitch booklet making.