saddle sore

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an open sore on the back of a horse caused by ill-fitting or badly adjusted saddle


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sore on a horseback rider chafed by a saddle

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SADDLE SORE n Wu on deck as shaken star Nicole recovers her balance, right
Simon, who lives in Caldwell, added: "At the end of the ride I was a little saddle sore but felt delighted to have had such a brilliant response.
We had some good fun with him," said the Cheshire-based owner NOT SADDLE SORE 'I rode 60-odd winners over jumps, and I don't miss it' Tony Coyle, who sent out his first winner after 12 days with a licence when Thatcherite won at Thirsk TWEETS OF THE DAY @AidanColeman Reading Dear Deidre in the Sun.
I expect a few of us will be pretty saddle sore afterwards, but it's a great cause.
We're a little bit saddle sore but plenty of E45 skin cream is doing the trick
He added: "Hopefully they won't be too saddle sore by the end of it.
But as the cyclists from Mortar Platoon near the Italian Alps, it seems they have adopted a new title - Operation Saddle Sore.
However if he would like to join us we will be holding a 1,000-mile saddle sore ride on June 19-21, 2010: for more info rblr100@rblr.
Practice nurse Sue said they were feeling saddle sore but thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.
ORGANISERS of a charity bike ride want to make sure riders aren't too saddle sore afterwards.
ECHO worker John Hunt was today setting out on a journey certain to leave him saddle sore in aid of Liverpool Unites.
He had huge saddle sore problems through Malaysia that forced him off the bike every 20 minutes.
Among the dishes on the menu: Saddle Sore beef fajita roll, Fats Domino's Cobbler and Chubby Checker pie.
Naylor's, my local brewery, put on a special beer called Saddle Sore.