saddle soap

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a mild soap for cleansing and conditioning leather


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Do not use saddle soap (too strong for dyes and finish), wax polishes, or spray dusters (they clog pores).
I would clean them with saddle soap and boot polish and Brasso the lock - then sell them for pounds 60-pounds 100 to American tourists wanting a "slice of old Britain".
Glove Loogie lanolin oil: The former is on the list of don't-use products (with petroleum jelly, saddle soap and a microwave oven).
Use saddle soap to prevent leather furniture from cracking--follow the directions on the can.
The shape of the Imperial Leather bar has not changed since its inception - its unique shape was developed to mirror that of saddle soap used by the Russian Imperial household to clean its riding tack
Brush it offor, if necessary, scrub with a brush and saddle soap, then dry gloves at room temperature (higher temperatures can cause shrinkage and overdrying).
Ian knows exactly which belongs to whom, has washed and tumble-dried and polished the contents, as well as filling up his own bag with all the paraphernalia of his profession: talcum powder, Savlon, shoe polish, saddle soap, stain removers, goggle cream, weights, gloves, aspirins.
Although entitled Turf Wars by the BBC, the series will be named Saddle Soap when it is shown on RTE later in the year.
30pm this Friday, while RTE plans to screen the half-hour programmes in the autumn under the name Saddle Soap.