saddle shoe

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an oxford with a saddle of contrasting color

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I was also the tallest girl in my class, and my gawkiness was made worse by a uniform and saddle shoes.
In March Ballet San Jose strapped on their saddle shoes, slipped into poodle skirts, and sock-hopped back in time in Dennis Nahat's Blue Suede Shoes (1997).
Designed to resemble a 1930s soda fountain, the style of the cafes is sufficiently authentic that it would not be a surprise to see a group of female teenagers in sweaters, saddle shoes and bobby socks gulping down their sodas there.
and-white saddle shoes and a 1937 map of the northern San Fernando Valley.
Tickets to the "Rockin' Our Community" gala are $50, and attendees are encouraged to slip on their saddle shoes, press their poodle skirts and come in 1950s costume.
Like Bill Alexander's award-winning 1985 production for the Royal Shakespeare Company, these merry wives cavorted in the 1950s, amid a blur of saddle shoes, crinolines, and poodle skirts.
The old Sunnyside has been bulldozed over long ago, but to this day the smell of hamburger frying with onions will bring me back to those early Canadian experiences: the Exhibition on humid Toronto days and first kisses with girls in crinoline skirts, saddle shoes, and ponytails.
In the Summer of 1956, my Mother, June Newland, packed the following in her two saddle bags: a bathing suit, a camping shirt, Bermuda shorts, saddle shoes, a cocktail dress, pearls, stiletto heels, red lipstick and a Bible.
The phrase Catholic novel rings of the 1950s, like saddle shoes, poodles on felt skirts, Milton Berle, and the Ed Sullivan Shove.
I knew what was going on, what to say, what to do: It was religion as comfortable as my old high school uniform and saddle shoes (though you couldn't have twisted my arm to get me to admit that when I wore them).
Girls wore pleated skirts, ponytails, and saddle shoes.
While saddle shoes and penny loafers were all the rage with American boys and girls in days gone by, fashion comes and goes -- but healthy feet are meant to last a lifetime.
It's not their fault some had moms who dressed them up in color-coordinated knickers, suspenders and saddle shoes -- and dads afraid to say what every good father must say in such a situation: "No son of mine is going to wear any damn knickers
Saddle shoes, plimsolls or even flip-flops finished the look.
Just back from his independent Utah film festival "Tromadance," a free alternative to the more mainstream Sundance Film Festival, he sported a ski jacket with lift ticket, jeans, yellow socks and saddle shoes.