saddle roof

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a double sloping roof with a ridge and gables at each end

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25 cm, - roof structure made of glued laminated timber: Each 31 pieces saddle roof truss b / h = approx.
14 m as skylight in saddle roof shape, dn 45 o , with 6 smoke extraction windows; 1 full blackout system approx.
The shape with typical saddle roof is oriented in scale and height development on the neighboring buildings.
Among other things, The saddle roof, Which is to receive a sheet metal covering with external drainage, And the faade, Which is designed as a ventilated system with suspended fiber cement panels, Are being renovated.
040w / (mk) d 80-120mm 1 850 m fresh concrete composite waterproofing_walls / floors 450 m emergency seal on concrete surface elastomerbitumen cold self-adhesive track fixtures 270 t rebar b500a all diameter 300 m joint plate floor plate / wall masonry / plaster work 700 m masonry walls d 17,5-24 cm ks-r p sfk12 rdk1,6 60 m exterior plaster exterior wall cement plaster 15 mm room and wood construction 423 m roof screen and fsh beam girder, Emergency seal 813 m roof window fsh, Emergency seal 270 m saddle roof binder bsh 820 m wood-concrete composite ceilings: Stb.