saddle of lamb

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backbone and both loins of a lamb

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Guests feasted on supreme of pigeon en croute with cepes mushrooms, Perigord truffles, saddle of lamb Leonel, and creme brulee of foie gras with Tonga beans prepared by six three-star Michelin chefs and paired with exquisite vintages.
Then I made medallions of saddle of lamb with a sweet roasted garlic cream sauce.
I had dressed with care, medium-coloured suit, reddish shirt with the tie my daughter-inlaw gave me last Christmas, and as my category featured sixth in the batting order, I toyed with my smoked salmon, admired my saddle of lamb, which was served with a mint bearnaise sauce, and the dark chocolate box with Bailey's liqueur mousseline and pecan crunch cream excelled, despite the fact that I had also had it for breakfast.
Roast saddle of lamb with orange and parsley dumpling, anyone?
Conness produces a regular menu of nine entrees priced from $14 (baked pasta with wild mushrooms and four cheeses) to $28 (rotisserie saddle of lamb with couscous and pea tendrils) with roasted chicken, flatiron steak, filet mignon chop, braised short ribs, Irish salmon, grilled king prawns and seared Maine scallops.
The finalists had to carve smoked salmon, serve a saddle of lamb and all accompaniments plus a very delicate parfait for dessert.
In the main dining room, guests will enjoy Chef Christophe Bellanca's Duck Foie Gras Ravioli, Herbed Spiny Santa Barbara Lobster, Saddle of Lamb and Molten Chocolate Layer Cake -- all served amid antique gold linens with extravagant flower arrangements of yellow cymbidiums, gold roses, and white and yellow throated phalenopsis orchids.
Saddle of lamb, beautifully pink, with scrag end parcel, pea mousse, peas and shallots, and strong flavour contrast of sheep's milk and red dulse curd, had my friend in raptures.
Dishes will include Avruga caviar, which costs pounds 25 for a 100g serving, loin of salmon, crayfish, smoked duck roulade, scallops, wild nettle risotto and roast saddle of lamb.
Bennett and Hollis were judged on a saddle of lamb stuffed with a mousse of foie gras and had to serve the dish with three garnishes of their choice.
One cut that I like to use is the saddle of lamb, but it does not lend itself to restaurant cooking.
The mains also offer some options I've not seen around the city before u especially the rotisserie section with guinea fowl, or a whole roast chicken, or, as we chose, a saddle of lamb for two.
David will be cooking a Frenchinspired, Moroccan-style saddle of lamb "en persiade" with cauliflower cous cous, compressed English cucumbers and cumin-scented yogurt.
Ben's saddle of lamb stuffed with pistachio, apricots and rosemary on a sweet potato fondant was exquisite.