saddle horn

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a high pommel of a Western saddle (usually metal covered with leather)

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Eventually it suggests itself to simply give the mule his head, looping reins over the saddle horn and hugging my assembled bow to my chest to conserve warmth.
So I got in the saddle even if I couldn't reach the strirrups, and Mister Ernest taken the reins and I must 'a' went to sleep, because the next thing I knowed a buttonhole of my lumberjack was tied to the saddle horn with that ere whang cord off the compass, and it was good and late now and we wasn't fur, because Dan was already smelling water, the river.
5842 The Carl Walker Group 5150 Saddle Horn Trail - Matthews, NC 28104 David & Donnie Todd 704.
Thompson had been struck in the abdomen by the saddle horn when the horse fell, and medics feared that she had suffered internal injuries.
Frank Leal, the groom, was an up-by-the-bootstraps story from a Mexican ranch who had lost the tips of the fingers on his right hand when a steer he was roping tugged and squeezed the twine around the saddle horn.
He's got a laptop computer sort of bouncing off the saddle horn and a pair of laser goggles bouncing off the butt of the horse.
Unlike conventional saddles, "The SEAT" is designed without a saddle horn that can cut off circulation leading to pain and possibly sexual dysfunction.