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Synonyms for lordosis

an abnormal inward (forward) curvature of the vertebral column


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Sequoia Outreach school, in partnership with Digital Press, Siksika Elders and Blackfoot Crossing, was recognized for the publishing of Collected Stories: The Three Buffalo Snuff and How the Kiayo Got a Short Tail, adapted by Caitlyn Storm, Bella Saddle back and John Healy with illustrations by Kristen Daniels.
My husband went for a glistening confit of saddle back pork which came with a celeriac puree, confit of turnip, crispy ham and amazing aremena cherries.
For a group of nine-week-old saddle back pigs has arrived at Caesar's Welsh Food Pavilion, where they will be fattened up for the next few months until either the adjacent Caesar's Restaurant or the farm shop counter calls.
Entry is pounds 8 for all classes and boundaries are Hendon Groyne (Groyne excluded) to the Saddle Back Rock in Hawthorn Hive.
From our house we could see out of our bedroom window the great beautiful mountain called Saddle Back, lazily warming its velvety sides in the bright sun.
We put the saddle back on him for the first time yesterday and he looks absolutely superb.
PIG IN THE CITY: A sad faced George, a saddle back piglet, with city farm worker Tracy Jackson; Picture: EDDIE BARFORD
He also wants to breed the extremely rare Essex saddle back to help save it from extinction.