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(Hinduism) an ascetic holy man

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Pain and discomfort are sometimes used to achieve this transcendence: not long ago, for example, at the vast Hindu festival on the Ganges known as the Kumbh Mela, when the waters of the river are believed to turn briefly into nectar that washes away sins, I met a saddhu who had held one arm aloft for more than a quarter of a century.
With great good humor and patience, the saddhu said that he had used his pain, which of course had bothered him greatly at the beginning, to transcend the physical realm and reach a higher sphere of being, free of the accidental and filled only with the essential.
The fatal road accident happened just days after the gang stole the icon of a Himalayan Saddhu holy man from Paisley Museum.
The image is part of a Saddhu exhibition at the museum by Glasgow photographer Andrew McDermid.
Diddy) and a book on Saddhus (India's holy men), the 65-minute work rocked with Gilliland's signature crash-and-burn movement that leaves the viewer gasping for breath.
Described as being completely unsuited to domestic life in suburbia, he also boasts an impressive catalogue of travels, which appear to follow a typical sixties 'dropout' itinerary: "He saw the Buddhist temples of Java, sat with saddhus on the ghats of Benares, smoked hashish in Kabul and worked on a Kibbutz" (Songlines 3).