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Synonyms for sadden



Synonyms for sadden

to make sad or gloomy

Antonyms for sadden

come to feel sad

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Souness, who managed Galatasaray for a year, said: ``I found the people warm,friendly and passionate, so it saddens me there is this atmosphere.
It saddens me that small-time trainers, owners, jockeys, and young and old sport enthusiasts will not be able to attend this small oval once a year at the Los Angeles County Fair.
However, this seems to be the way in Wales which, as a Welshman, saddens me.
I am a devoted Welsh rugby supporter and it does sadden me to see that Henry has had to take the flak.
Mrs Jones said: ``It saddens me there aren't sufficient places for people like Mr Dolben to go to when they're really mentally ill.
This whole conversation saddens me,'' said defense attorney James Farley.
I suppose what saddens me most is that it is turning into a confrontation between victims and what people refer to as the church - which in their minds is the bishops.
The death of comedians always saddens us more than the death of other celebrities because they gave us the most precious gift of all.