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Synonyms for sadden



Synonyms for sadden

to make sad or gloomy

Antonyms for sadden

come to feel sad

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However, this seems to be the way in Wales which, as a Welshman, saddens me.
Souness, who managed Galatasaray for a year, said: ``I found the people warm,friendly and passionate, so it saddens me there is this atmosphere.
It saddens me that small-time trainers, owners, jockeys, and young and old sport enthusiasts will not be able to attend this small oval once a year at the Los Angeles County Fair.
The TD, who left Fine Gael in 2011, said: "It saddens me I have been expelled as a member for doing my job of scrutinising legislation.
The Paisley-born 65-year-old said: "It saddens me how many young people want to go into the media or do media studies.