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Synonyms for sadden



Synonyms for sadden

to make sad or gloomy

Antonyms for sadden

come to feel sad

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However, this seems to be the way in Wales which, as a Welshman, saddens me.
And when you consider that Spike inspired every decent British comic from Monty Python to Reeves and Mortimer, his death should sadden us more than that of any humorist we have ever produced.
What saddens me most though that you have merely jumped on media bandwagon against the church and Christianity in this country.
It saddens me that 20 years after I entered college, the new generation still feels the need to discount their attractions for members of the same sex as mere explorations.
The TD, who left Fine Gael in 2011, said: "It saddens me I have been expelled as a member for doing my job of scrutinising legislation.
Souness, who managed Galatasaray for a year, said: ``I found the people warm,friendly and passionate, so it saddens me there is this atmosphere.
The Paisley-born 65-year-old said: "It saddens me how many young people want to go into the media or do media studies.
IT saddens me to see Middlesbrough ridiculed, especially as I agree with many of the comments.