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having a face with a sad expression

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A Wade Colonel * Sausage dog * Sylvac sad-faced dog
Though there is a great supporting cast, it's sad-faced Murray who excels.
SCIENTISTS have come up with an answer to why horses appear sad-faced -they get depressed just like we humans.
Mark Hadfield plays fellow crony Feste as a sad-faced clown, who looks as if he's stepped from a Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin movie, and Guy Henry is a fitting arch-enemy for the trio as pin-striped beanpole and master steward Malvolio.
1 -- color) Kennel attendant Dale Holland gives a haircut to Toby, a sad-faced cocker spaniel who needs a new home.
No wonder he wrote about Bubber, the lonesome boy; Slumber, the sad-faced boy; and several other young African American males in their callow youth or in their adolescent curiosity learning about life as African Americans, learning of both their heritage and their status in a predominantly white society.
cities see them almost daily, the sad-faced men and women without homes, the bearded man in a ragged coat mumbling to himself or the toothless woman begging for change at a subway.
Jennifer Aniston does what she does best as the sad-faced, supportive wife.
And today sad-faced basset hound Mr Jeffries is officially recognised as the new title-holder in the 2004 edition of Guinness World Records.
The paintings look like some drug-assisted hybrid of Precious Moments collectibles and sad-faced clown Emmett Kelley Jr.
Rev Awdry began with the sad-faced engine called Edward before creating Gordon and later Henry.
6) Kevin Whately was which sad-faced copper in In spector Morse?
And it left Wednesday looking like the sad-faced clown they introduced