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someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence

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Glumness specialist Luke Wilson plays the title sad sack in "Henry Poole Is Here.
Younger readers may find it boring; older readers may find it depressing, or wonder why the main character is such a sad sack.
I pulled the lever for the sad sack Walter Mondale, for reasons as obscure to me now as his "Norwegian charisma" was then to the American voting public.
THE November story "Remembering Sad Sack," was very well done, though I have to admit that before reading the article I had never heard of Sad Sack.
They recruit high school sad sack Kate (Brittany Snow) who has apparently never been on a date.
And given that the soulful monologue in "Sideways" comes from the depressed Miles, who probably would be considered in real life a "problem drinker," a sad sack with none of the aspirational characteristics marketers remind us are important in selling the "wine life-style," it seems there's a bit of cognitive dissonance in the California air.
And now, in Kennedy's latest novel, Paradise, just out from Knopf, we meet thirty-six-year-old sad sack Hannah Luckraft, who sells cardboard for a living and whose spirit--indeed, whose life--is being steadily eroded by her insatiable thirst for alcohol.
Upon arriving in September 2002, Turcotte expected to find a sad sack organization with major talent deficiencies.
This is the one where the irresponsible sad sack winds up being a foster father to an adorable kid (so you don't confuse it with the irresponsible sad sack caddy or the irresponsible sad sack millionaire or the ISS band singer movies).
At times, the film seems determined to disprove Shelagh Kelly's Singles dictum: "Desperation is the worst sort of cologne"; in this film, everyone gets laid no matter how sad sack they seem.
The central character is a composite of the Sad Sack, Charlie Chaplin, and Petrouchka.
Stupid Crazy Love 12 Ryan Gosling stars again as ladies' man Jacob who meets a sad sack called Cal (Steve Carell) and schools him in the art of seduction.
Rising star Ryan Gosling plays ladies' man Jacob who meets a sad sack called Cal (Steve Carell) who's trying to regain his mojo with the girls after being dumped by his wife (Julianne Moore).
Answers: 1) (a) Colonel Blimp; (b) Herbie; (c) Willie & Joe; (d) Old Bill; (e) Sad Sack.
This sad sack of a sales-tax proposal has flaws and hurdles aplenty.