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Synonyms for sad

Synonyms for sad

Synonyms for sad

experiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness


of things that make you feel sad

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Dr Pitchiah adds that "research shows people with SAD have a slightly different sensitivity to light, (so) they're predisposed to developing it".
Also, if you know you experience SAD year after year, be proactive about planning out a schedule in advance of winter to keep active and engaged with others.
In Florida for example, only about 1 percent of the population is likely to have SAD whereas about 10 percent of people living in Alaska or New England may be affected.
Dawn Carrielies wrote: "Very sad and heartbreaking for his family, hope you can get the strength to get you through this hard time.
SAD has the same genetic, psychological, and environmental risk factors as depression during the rest of the year.
Michelle Lewis: "Aw how sad they had so little time together as man and wife but how wonderful they had their wedding.
Isabel Mcewan " said on our Facebook page: "So sad and so young.
SAD spokesperson Maheshinder Singh Grewal said facing revolt from various factions of his party, Bajwa was trying to counter SAD on non- issues to keep the disgruntled leaders of his group together.
Method A is Area under curve spectrophotometry in which the area under curve in the wavelength ranges 225-245 nm and 265-285 nm were selected for determination of SAD and ASC.
St Charles' Catholic Primary School pupils on World War One and visiting Ypres, in Belgium GEORGE HERATY, 11, ERATY, 11, ERATY said: "It was sad seeing the graves of all the soldiers who died.
Individuals with SAD, compared with healthy controls, have impaired cellular responses in a specific neural pathway, Kathryn A.
In the present study by utilizing the sampling diversity data of three microarthropod taxonomic groups (oribatids collembolans and mesostigmatids) my objectives are to test and compare five alternative statistical models for fitting empirical microarthropod SAD curves including neutral Zipf broken stick niche preemption and geometric models.