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wedge-shaped bone consisting of five fused vertebrae forming the posterior part of the pelvis

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In the chapter about back pain, we learn that the sacrum can often be the cause.
The sacrum is the triangular bone at the bottom of the spine that joins with the hip bones to make up the bony pelvis.
Involvement of the sacrum is extremely rare, and it has also been reported that the diagnosis of osteoid osteoma in the sacrum can be delayed compared with other skeletal sites.
The development of a fistulous tract between the pouch and the sacrum is rarely reported.
The sacral base angle is determined by measuring the angle formed between a line drawn along the base (top) of the sacrum and a horizontal line (Figure 2).
Sacrum is that part of the skeleton which transmits the body weight to the limbs.
A radiograph of the pelvis showed a rounded well-defined lytic lesion in the sacrum, adjacent to the left sacroiliac joint in addition to the radio-opaque calculus in the distal ureter (Figure 1).
The left lateral port is for the third robotic operative arm and is particularly helpful in moving the sigmoid laterally to expose the sacrum.
Since then her career has been on hold, initially because of a foot injury and then because of the birth of daughter Isla in January, followed by a complication with a stress fracture of the sacrum.
Bed dystocia occurs when the baby's progress is halted due to, firstly, reduction of the woman's lumbar spine curvature (lordosis), secondly, the backward tilting of the pelvis and, thirdly, entrapment of the sacrum by maternal weight, all of which can occur if the woman is lying on a firm bed.
Step 3: Shift hips a few inches to the right as your sacrum comes to rest into the palm of your right hand only.
Singers and orchestra joined forces for Canticum Sacrum to bring a fascinating concert to a sternly uplifting conclusion.
It is described by some as attaching the sacrum to the ischium (Levangie and Norkin, 2001), and by others as attaching the sacrum, ilium and coccyx to the ischial tuberosity (Agur and Dalley, 2005; Basmajian, 1982) (Figure 1).
Introit: Lord, remember not our offences - Mendelssohn; St Woolos Service - Shephard; Psalm 32; O sacrum convivium - Tallis; Preacher: The Rev'd John Hunnisett.
There I sat, legs folded in a lotus position, arms pushing with all their force against a tortured sacrum through each contraction, listening to the rain beat down harder and harder outside.