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Synonyms for sacrosanctity

the quality of being holy or sacred

the quality or condition of being safe from assault, trespass, or violation

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For the tribunician sacrosanctity awarded to both Livia and Octavia, see Dio Cassius 49.
The gang's linkage to a shadowy organisation known as 'the Deep State'--a group of powerful individuals bent on protecting the sacrosanctity of the secularist republic by whatever means necessary--has triggered debate amongst intellectuals and the Turkish media.
The Spirit, it might be said, is not a literalist, not a strict guardian of the sacrosanctity of Christ's status as Son of God, but one who extends this sonship to others and enables them to become a part of the Son's exegesis of the Father.
9) And caution rooted in modesty "requires that we go slow in discarding old taboos, on brushing aside in our projects the sacrosanctity of certain domains hitherto surrounded by a sense of mystery, awe and shame.
And there are those who live equally easily with the belief that some of the rules of golf are just damned silly and are prepared to challenge their sacrosanctity.
However, irrespective of the acceptance of the African state and the sacrosanctity of its political borders, territorial integrity and sovereignty, and an ongoing post-colonial debate about the essential nature of the 'true' African state, the 'falling apart' of some African states has become a reality.
Thus Calvin thought that 'nature' or 'natural sense' or 'reason' teaches the authority of fathers over wives and children, the sanctity of monogamous marriage, the duty to care for families, breast-feeding, primogeniture (albeit with qualifications) [sic] the sacrosanctity of envoys and ambassadors, the obligation of promises, degrees of marriage, the need for witnesses in murder trials, the need for a distinction of ranks in society; and natural law prohibits incest, murder, adultery, slavery, and even the rule of one man.
These are unswerving solidarity among the organisation's members, sacrosanctity of the constituent states and their geographic boundaries, defence of their national sovereignty, and non-interference in member states' domestic affairs.
For him the First Amendment has a sacrosanctity about it that approaches the resonance of Holy Writ.
Instead, one of its cardinal principles was non-interference and the sacrosanctity of the boundaries inherited from the colonial situation.
To this day I wonder at the sacrosanctity of silence at the opera.
56) Shakespeare undermines the sacrosanctity of kings by having his duke duplicate James's questionable actions of perverting justice to reward his friends and to punish not criminals, but those who dared to criticize him.