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a room in a church where sacred vessels and vestments are kept or meetings are held


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Rev Murphy arrived at St Paul's Church in the Dooradoyle suburb on Easter Sunday to find the door of the sacristy burst open, a window smashed and the safe removed from its regular spot and damaged.
Sacristy Press was founded in 2011 to publish historical and theological titles, both fiction and non-fiction.
But when Crepaldi arrived Tuesday afternoon to officially strip him of his priestly duties and inform him an enquiry would be launched into his actions, he found the priest hanging in the sacristy.
Both officers were arrested in 2011 as part of Operation Sacristy, the PS4.
Every month, we would lower her at night from the altar through an elevator and at the sacristy at the back of the altar, we change or clean her vestments," said Artist Glenn Lopez, 33, a volunteer.
They had announced they were suing the head of Operation Sacristy - which is investigating alleged corruption - and Warwickshire, West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire Police which are supporting the inquiry.
He was arrested in Pembrokeshire by officers attached to Operation Sacristy - a police inquiry into alleged corrupt activities in the Cleveland force and the former Cleveland Police Authority.
It is yet thought provoking for the authorities and the policy makers of this country where annual forest losses are enormous, 50% solid waste remains uncollected and improperly disposed of, water availability touching the sacristy level and air pollution reaching the hazardous level.
Surrounded by the sights and sounds of Parliament Square, the archaeologists have three days to find the location of a lost sacristy, a stronghold that was built by Henry III eight centuries ago and is said to have housed the largest collection of treasure this side of the Alps.
They have three days to pin down the location of a lost sacristy, a stronghold that was built by Henry III almost 800 years ago and is said to have housed the biggest collection of treasure this side of the Alps.
They hope to locate a lost sacristy, rumoured to have held the treasure trove.
Back in the early 1950s when I was a server at a parish church in what was then called "darkest Huron" because of its low-church proclivities, we had a piscina leading directly to ground, in the sacristy next to the sanctuary.
In due course we were married in the sacristy of a Catholic church in Montreal, as was the custom at that time.
Selected sculptures are also set at intervals around the interior and the former sacristy now houses offices for the Torner Foundation.
He then walked slowly and carefully through the sacristy and into the sanctuary.