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Jeddah, Rabi'I 03, 1439, November 21, 2017, SPA -- Saudi Project for Utilization of Hajj Meat, being managed by Islamic Development Bank, continues the distribution of about 928,000 heads of sacrificial meat to beneficiaries in and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
FAISALABAD -- The police have booked 31 persons on the charge of collecting hides of sacrificial animals illegally from Faisalabad during the Eid days.
The craze of taking selfies with sacrificial animals has become popular among youngsters ahead of the Islamic festival of Eidul Azha, which is one of the holiest celebrations in the Islamic calendar.
Santhosh Chandran Doha THE unjust economic blockade imposed on Qatar by its neighbours Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain has had no impact on the supply of sacrificial animals during Eid Al Adha, sources at the livestock market in Doha said.
With Eid al-Adha approaching the social media, including Facebook and Twitter, have become selling points of sacrificial animals - cows, goats and camels - that are available at the prices ranging from Rs25,000 to Rs180,000.
FOR DISTRIBUTION: Nama Charity volunteers check the sacrificial meat to be distributed to 10,000 families.
Moreover, a specific ferrosiliceous sacrificial concrete containing both siliceous and hematite aggregates is employed in the reactor pit of EPR.
Chiara Ferrari's compelling study underscores this praxis of violence in sacrificial discourse.
As many as 25,693 families in the UAE have benefited from the Eid Al Adha sacrificial meat programme run by the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) this year.
Ambassador to Senegal, comes within the Sacrificial Meat Distribution Project for 2014.
I cut lots of tenons and rabbets using a dado blade and a sacrificial fence.
31 ( ANI ): Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi chief Muhammad Hussain Mehnati has said that 80 per cent of sacrificial hides were collected under threats in the metropolis.
ySLAMABAD (CyHAN)- Turkish charities have taken the opportunity to extend a helping hand to those in need both across the country and around the world during Eid al-Adha, an Islamic holiday celebrated by millions around the globe, delivering various relief items, including sacrificial meat, to put a smile on people's faces during this joyous time.
Arguing that sacrificial discourse in the ancient world was the underlying means whereby Rome exercised control and power over its subjects, Heyman concludes that the Roman-Christian conflict "was ultimately a collision of sacrificial discourse" (xvii).
In her rigorous application of the classical methodologies of comparative religion, she brings fresh insight into the practice and implicit understanding of sacrifice in the Vedic and Jewish traditions and, on that foundation, suggests fresh ways of looking at the sacrificial rhetoric of other religions (esp.