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Synonyms for sacredness

the quality of being holy or sacred

the quality or condition of being safe from assault, trespass, or violation

Words related to sacredness

the quality of being sacred

References in classic literature ?
But he allowed this to be done because the dogs themselves in nowise interested him, and because their deaths emphasized the sacredness of the taboo.
Shaw expected; for, as he listened, his eyebrows smoothed themselves out, and more than once his lips twitched as if he wanted to laugh, for after all, it was rather comical to see how the young people aped their elders, playing the new-fashioned game, quite unconscious of its real beauty, power, and sacredness.
Besides, I had some glimmering inkling of the sacredness of hospitality.
Jasper Dale's heart was filled to over-flowing with a realization of all the virgin loveliness around him; the feeling in his soul had the sacredness of a prayer.
Do you mean to tell me that this Judge Witberg will violate the sacredness of his office and oath by letting this brute off?
You know you don't think it old- fashioned--you know you have the very same idea of sacredness of assumed responsibilities yourself.
We have no festival, nor procession, nor ceremony, not excepting our cattle-shows and so-called Thanksgivings, by which the farmer expresses a sense of the sacredness of his calling, or is reminded of its sacred origin.
On my saying, "What have I to do with the sacredness of traditions, if I live wholly from within?
Rebecca, as we have seen, was aware of this circumstance, and though she did not attempt to storm Briggs as she had threatened, and actually dive into that lady's presence and surprise her under the sacredness of the awning, Mrs.
That unconscious appeal, so touching and so awful in the sacredness of her sleep, ran through me like fire.
It spoke much of the rights and duties of civilization, of the sacredness of the civilizing work, and extolled the merits of those who went about bringing light, and faith and commerce to the dark places of the earth.
This head arranged for the night, those ample shoulders, had an aspect of familiar sacredness - the sacredness of domestic peace.
To fail would have been a sort of treason against the sacredness of self-sacrifice and womanly love.
Where, then, would be all the memories of early striving; all the deep pity for another's pain, which had been nurtured in her through years of affection and hardship; all the divine presentiment of something higher than mere personal enjoyment, which had made the sacredness of life?
Today, we raise our prayers for the sake of each and every one of us, to preserve the sacredness of the other's life," he added, noting that "Christian civilization lies in spreading human dignity and pride across the world at large.