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One crucial aspect of this project involves mapping the boundary lines between several types of discourse: between sacred writings and literature and between literature and other "nonliterary" forms of secular discourse.
It is almost as if the olive trees of the Holy Land have become political hostages, or weapons to be used in the ongoing conflict, although surely nothing could be further removed from the traditional symbol of peace that has been nurtured through many centuries in the sacred writings of the three religions.
In any case, pace millions of Jewish believers, there's nothing sacred in the sacred writings.
A historic compilation of the sacred writings of Jews, Christians and Muslims features respected English translations of the complete texts of the Torah, the New Testament and the Quran.
Ernest Holmes is its foundational text as well as the Bible and other sacred writings.
They include Vedic hymns, Buddha's Sermon at the Deer Park, Jayadeva's The Perfect Bride, songs of Kabir, sacred writings of the Sikhs, Tagore's Gitanjalo, Gandhi's Hing Swaraj, and Jean Arasanayagam's All Is Burning.
The Baha'i sacred writings are extensive, amounting to more than loo volumes in their original Arabic and Persian.
It is based on sacred writings and traditions that have been handed down for more than 4,000 years.
prayers, promoting forgiveness, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, sacred writings, and spiritual journaling) discussed in this book.
The authors support this by demonstrating that, first, dreams are reported favorably in the sacred writings of both traditions; second, many of their leaders were influenced by dreams; and third, many of their leaders have encouraged people to look to dreams for guidance, even as they need to guard against faulty interpretations and demonic sources.
These sacred writings are a source of life because they are "inspired by God" (theopneustos), literally "God-breathed" or "God-spirited.
It is often hard to see how, as the author claims, Gate of the Heart constitutes "a new approach to the writings of the Bab" (p, 2), unless one agrees that past academic approaches are all but "literalistic" misunderstandings born out of a view that Babi sacred writings are of purely "archaeological" interest (p.
Zed pointed out that mantras, considered "words of power", constituted the main body of Vedic samhita (collection) and were most ancient portion of sacred writings.
95) blends Oriental art history with cultural and spiritual insights, using Oriental art pieces to accompany important sacred writings selected from the Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist traditions.
Thanks to pragmatic leaders like Obama, everything in public life today risks being desacralised - persons, places, pledges, prayers, practices, words, sacred writings, religious formulae, symbols and ceremonies.