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If we are recognizing the Bible as a sacred text, then we are violating the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Tennessee by designating it as the official state book.
Also, she examines the contemporary interpretations that try to tackle the text from the egalitarian cosmology that has a strong desire to remain rooted with the text's authenticity; however, she doesn't shy away to say that some of them try to entrench an egalitarian meaning to the sacred text either by depending on minority or imagined opinions, or by completely rejecting the Traditional approach of the text.
it is a 5-item instrument that measures the degree to which one embraces a sacred text to be authoritative, inerrant, privileged, divine, and unchanging.
Jagessar explores the creative possibilities of reading Caribbean literature through a theological lens, suggesting that this is a way in which Caribbean people can release sacred texts from an imperialist hermeneutic.
We cannot treat sacred texts only as texts, then, but neither should we take their sacredness as impregnable.
Hardline Hindus were livid he should challenge the harsh conditions set down in a sacred text for the treatment of widows.
The problem, however, is that there are thousands of such sacred texts in Hinduism, so these gay and lesbian "links" may not be as significant or powerful as if they were concentrated in one sacred text, such as the Jewish and Christian Bible.
King and Sahai's previous work, Sacred Text, garnered an Izzie Award for music.
Pocket Guide To The Bible: A Little Book About The Big Book is an easy-to-use reference for lay readers to the cannonical sacred text of Christianity.
Commissioned by Saint John's Abbey and University as an expression of the Benedictine monks' daily focus on scripture and devotion to books, art, and religious high culture, Pentateuch presents sacred text in flowing English calligraphy, Hebrew book headings, and colorful marks studding the passages.
Religious right [leaders believe that] unless you attend my church, accept my God, and study my sacred text, you cannot be a moral person.
In this initial section, the Bible as revered object and shared, sacred text emerged as a distinct unifying force.
As the concept of music notation developed, so did the idea that the score is a sacred text that must be followed.
The Sikh faith's scriptural message is its sacred text 'Guru Granth Sahib Ji' written in 'Punjabi' in beautiful poetry.
Like Marshall, Channing was not only reinterpreting a sacred text but redefining intellectual boundaries and arguing for a flexible view of necessary and proper means.